How long should a Short Essay be? (Guidelines for Students)

Your academic life will be filled with several tasks one major task being able to write Essays from time to time. The examiner, despite asking the question, will instruct on the length of the Essay, which could either be short or long. You have to be aware of what the examiner expects from the short Essay to avoid giving irrelevant information.

For your short essay to be most relevant, you ought to have it packed with the needful information at all times. You will need to be direct to the point and answer the question asked by the examiner.

For your short essay to stand out from the crowd, the answers need to be direct to the point that the examiner will have his question answered in the shortest time possible when going through your Essay.

Length of a Short Essay

With a short Essay in mind, do not bother much about filling a couple of pages, instead, think about the information you will give and whether it will be sufficient. Your answer in your short Essay should be roughly up to five hundred words on the higher side. A short Essay would not take a lot of time to have it completed as you do not need to draft your Essay.

The maximum amount of time you will need is up to forty-five minutes to have your Essay ready for marking. The page length of a short Essay would be roughly a page; depending on the size of the font and the spacing it could go up to one and a half pages.

Your short essay ought to be filled with relevant information despite it being short. The examiner should have an easy time going through to have the right information from the question. Writing a short Essay should not stop you from going through your work. You ought to be certain about the punctuation and check out any spelling mistakes.

There are similarities between a short Essay and a long Essay which are the parts of the Essay; these are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The structure ought to guide you on the way you give information and how you write down your essay.

In your short Essay, if need be, you may use citations, make use of bullets, bolding up your words to make the essay much more interesting. An Essay being short does not limit you from using features on your texts it makes it more interesting and easy to go through for the examiner.

You ought to complete the Essay in the required time and be sure to have all the needful information at hand. If your essay will exceed more than six hundred words there is no problem providing the relevant information is given to the audience.

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Features of a Short Essay

Just because you will need to give the direct answer in a short time does not mean there is no structure for a Short Essay.

The main agenda of a short essay is to have the right answers in a given period where the examiner will take less than 6 minutes to go through it. Your short essay ought to be intriguing for the examiner and have him hooked to your paper.

The fact that your essay is short, you should not assume the structure of the essay. You will have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion of your essay in place. You ought to capture the examiner’s thoughts from your introduction and lead him to the body of your essay. The body of the Essay ought to be filled with the exact answers to the question.

You may need two or one paragraphs for your body, ensuring you make use of the topic sentence at the beginning of your paragraph. The topic sentence makes it much easier for you to build up content on the question and allows the examiner to understand much more on the question being answered.

The conclusion of your short Essay could have four sentences. Be sure it gives a brief description of the body of your essay. Let the conclusion end with a remarkable statement, something to have the examiner remember your paper. Ensure all is covered in the shortest way possible and offered the needful information at all times.

Your grammar ought to be great. The less time you may be required to have your short Essay ready does not mean you do not check on your grammar. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and make use of simple words instead of jargon which may be difficult for the examiner to understand.

Ensure you make use of punctuation appropriately by having commas and full stops at the right place. Just because your Essay is short, does not mean it has to be boring, the use of statements that capture the examiners’ thoughts will have your short Essay doing the most.

Consistency is Key in delivering information. The information given in your short Essay ought to be consistent all through the Essay. The examiner will have a much easier time going through your Essay. In the introduction part of your Essay, the body, and the conclusion ought to be in sync. The information in your Short Essay may be brief, but it ought to be consistent all through.

Information is power. Your short Essay is also powerful as it contains information. The information you have in your short Essay ought to be factual at all times. Do not write assumptions in your Essay, give information that you are well aware of and that can be supported by research or findings. Let your answers be short, precise, and factual.

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Your Essay does not have to be boring just because it is short. It is your task to ensure the right information required by the examiner is given in the most precise and direct manner. Let your short Essay be as entertaining as possible ensuring you capture the mind of the examiner.

The information in your short Essay ought to be relevant and true at all times. Answer the question by the examiner in the shortest way possible not forgetting the grammar of your content which should be correct.

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Types of essays

Essays are a written form of communication with aim of passing information. Different Essays are grouped according to the information they require from the student, the length, the structure, and how it is delivered.

Different Essays answer different questions with different structures all intending to pass information. Below are types of essays that you may need to write in your academic life;

Definition Essay; seeks to expound on a term or an idea to shade more light to the topic. The definition essay seeks to give an in-depth analysis of an idea. Definition Essays are mostly found in the research field.

Compare and contrast Essay; two subjects are given for you to show the similarities and move on to point out the differences for the examiner. A single paragraph is enough for you to point out the similarities and move to the next three or four paragraphs to point out the differences. The essay structure ought to be followed.

Argumentative Essay; a lot of convincing is done here. Your point of view may not be similar to the examiner, you have to convince him or, her on your point of view makes more sense by backing up your argument with information and research.

Narrative Essay; these are general essays that seek to let an individual give a personal experience of an event or occurrence. You ought to be good at describing an emotion to have the examiner feel with you. It is simply allowing someone else in on your experience.

Descriptive Essay; the description is key in this kind of Essay. You ought to be creative and detailed when writing this essay. The examiner is much interested in your way of describing and labeling things and persons. You aim to show your experience or person in writing.

Expository Essay; allows you to explain the most equal ground without having a point of view. In this essay, you need to avoid giving your point of view and provide general information to the examiner on the topic.

What are the characteristic features of a Good Essay?

Essay writing is an integral part of academic writing to develop the students writing skills ensuring they could put their thoughts on paper in a constructive way. The reader ought to be able to see the structure of a good essay, whether a short essay or a long essay.

The examiner should identify with the structure of the Essay from a distance. This is not the only feature of a good Essay, below are some more that you ought to achieve for your Essay to stand out;

Grammatically correct; ensure your Essay has no grammatical error before handing it in. Go through the Essay and proofread at all times to give the best of your Essay. Make use of punctuation correctly at all times.

Your body paragraph needs a structure, with the topic sentence being at the beginning. A topic sentence for your paragraph will allow you to build up your argument constructively. The examiner will have a clear understanding of your Essay making it easy to go through.

A consistent structure of your Essay gives it a much better outlook. The beginning and the conclusion of your essay ought to be linked up. The introduction should introduce you to the body of the Essay and the conclusion to give a brief of the body.

Information given in your Essay ought to be true or backed up with evidence at all times. Your Essay should give reliable information. Seek to explain every sentence in your Essay by providing reputable information.

Creativity is an attribute your Essay would need to stand out. You need to look for a creative way to put out information. A personal touch to your essay will definitely capture the attention of the examiner.

How many paragraphs should a short Essay have?

The term short Essay may limit you on the number of words to have in your Essay. Your Essay ought not to exceed more than five hundred words. You will need to structure your short Essay in the most constructive way to have all the needful information in there with a limited number of words.

A short Essay should be structured with the necessary parts of an Essay; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction part which introduces the topic to the examiner ought to be more captivating. A single paragraph would be enough for the introduction bit. Ensure you have highlighted the topic of discussion before moving the body of your Essay.

Have the right answers in the body of your essay despite it being short. You ought to give the right and precise answers to avoid extending your Essay. Have topic sentences to enable the examiner to go through your paper with much ease. You will achieve the most when you build upon the topic sentences. A maximum of two paragraphs for your body in your short Essay will be enough.

The conclusion bit of your short Essay will cover the brief bit of your essay. The conclusion will have one brief paragraph to describe your short Essay. In total your short Essay will have a maximum of five paragraphs.

What is the difference between a short Essay and a short answer?

A short answer and a short Essay are different in several ways that a student should know. For your short Essay, it is structured to ensure the information given is flowing. On the other hand, the short answer could be given in an unstructured manner ensuring the question of the examiner is well answered.

A short essay will require the student to have an introduction, the body, and the conclusion to have the right answers delivered to the examiner. For your short answer, you may decide to have three or four paragraphs to answer the question. You do not need a conclusion for your short answer a closing statement could do the job.

For your short Essay topic sentences would come in handy allowing you to build up information and the examiner an easier time going through your Essay. You could also make use of bullets in your short essay making it more interesting. Topic sentences may or may not be found in short answers. Short answers can be given directly without the need of building up information.

Short answers are mostly found in the early academic life to build the writing skills of students. As you progress academically, the examiner would prefer going for a short Essay compared to short answers. This aims to build up the writing ability of the students.

How do you answer a short essay question?

The teacher may assign a short Essay question to a class immediately after a topic discussed in class. As a student, you ought to know certain rules to follow for your essay to stand out. A short essay in most cases will be between four hundred to five hundred words.

First, ensure you have understood the essay question widely and expansively; this will allow you to know what is relevant to your short essay. You will answer the question diligently giving only the relevant information to the question.

Avoid repeating the question in your answer as this will take up much more time and words in your essay. The question is already asked by the teacher, you repeating it in your answer will be quite unnecessary.

You ought to be specific with the answers you give in your paper. For the maximum use of your words, you need to be precise and direct to the point. Avoid using explanations that will not be of support to your essay question.

Make use of personal experience to capture the examiner’s thoughts. Your short Essay does not have to be boring, you could add your thoughts and accounts where need be for your essay to be interesting.

Make use of topic sentences in each paragraph to make it easier for you to answer the question. The topic sentence that you will build upon will be found at the beginning of the paragraph at all times. The right topic sentence will be of much help.

Ensure your short essay has an outline. An outline will guide you in putting down your thoughts. It will also give the examiner an easier time going through your short essay. Do not dismiss the structure of an essay despite it being short.