Thesis Statement Examples for Narrative Essays

The truth is, you will not only write academically but may choose to proceed to do it professionally. In your academic life, you will do it to attain marks while professionally earning a living.

Writing is a form of letting other people have a view of your thoughts as you try convincing your reader of your point of view. Not everyone has to subscribe to your ideology as different individuals opt for different thoughts of view.
What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement will be found at the last section of your introduction paragraph. Its main job is to guide the reader through the article by preparing him or her on what to expect. Your essay is entirely dependent on what is in the thesis statement.

The reader is made aware of what to expect from the body of the essay and what the writer stands for. Not all examiners instruct on having a thesis statement in your essay, but it is a wise move to include one in your introduction bit.

For the student, the thesis statement plays a major role when writing an essay. It plays the backbone of the essay. It simply provides a road map on what to have in your essay allowing the student to expound more into it and provide supporting evidence on the subject. It may take time to come with one as the entire essay depends on the thesis statement.

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The components of a thesis statement

The Limited subject, the precise opinion, and the blueprint of reason are the component of a thesis statement known to everyone in the writing field. These three components of your thesis statement have the job of informing the reader on what to expect of your essay research.

The thesis should be able to show the argument part as the first and proceed to show the support of what you claim as a writer. Your thesis statement ought to be in a single sentence seeking to express the main reason for your findings in your paper in most cases an expository essay or an argumentative essay.

The limited subject

You need to be sure the subject meets the requirement of the examiner. At times the essay question may be unclear you may proceed to ask what the examiner expects of you to get the right subject.

The precise opinion

This is the answer to the question of the subject in the essay. A precise opinion is crucial for the student to understand as it will give guidance to the essay. It guides the writer on the essay’s main goal is to achieve.

The blueprint of opinion

Another name for the blueprint is a plan. The blueprint in the thesis statement guides the writer on what to have in the essay. The writer needs to prepare the reader on what to expect in the essay in each paragraph. The blueprint of reason will determine the shape of your essay.

You ought to note you having a thesis statement that your essay is not focused on will be waste of time and will be useless. Your essay ought to focus on the thesis statement as it is a map for your assignment.

Creating a thesis statement

It does not pop up immediately you will need to put your thoughts down, brainstorm widely to see that your thesis statement is relevant to the essay question by the examiner. The information you gather on the essay question will guide you through the perfect thesis statement for your essay question.

It may take time to come up with a thesis statement as you have to ensure it represents what you are going to write about in your essay. You need to know what your essay will entail for you to have a suitable thesis statement.

With a clear indication of what your essay will entail getting the perfect thesis statement that will have the main idea with the argument part of the thesis will need a lot of supportive evidence.

You will need the following tips when you sit down to create a thesis statement;

Channeling on to your creative side; creativity is key in all essay writings. An essay does not have to be boring, seek to put out your creative bit in every form of writing.

A list of keywords; this will act as a compass in your essay guiding you in the right direction to what you are looking for. The list will guide you on what to have on your thesis statement.

Test your idea; do not make any commitment to any idea before testing it out. It will assist with getting the right information out in a clear manner.

Bring ideas together; do not be quick to discredit ideas that are not aligning with your argument. Look for ways to combine them to bring something new and validating from your point of view.

Loopholes; these are your way out for getting the right thesis statement. In published works, you may find a loophole in the writer’s work and you may go forth with it to have your thesis statement.

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Having the right plan for any kind of writing will have you giving the needful information. Structured planning of your essay is what you should aim to achieve at all times. Your essays at all times have to be structured to offer an easy time to go through them. The examiner will know what to expect in your essay with the presence of a useful thesis statement.

The thesis statement may come at the end of your planning but it has to be relevant at all times. It should position where the examiner could easily view it and know it is the guide to your essay. A thesis statement for the writer is a map guiding him or her on what to have in the essay, while for the reader it is an overview of what to expect in the essay.

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How do you identify a thesis statement?

With a simple understanding of what is a thesis statement, you will know how to identify one. A thesis statement in a layman’s language is a road map of your essay.

The writer will have a thesis statement to guide him or her throughout the essay and know what to have in the essay. For the examiner, a thesis statement will make him aware of what he is to expect in the essay.

The location of the thesis statement will make it more visible for the examiner to see. It comes as the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. It is assigned with the task of introducing the examiner into the body of the essay. The examiner is made well aware of what is in the essay from the thesis statement.

A thesis statement plays the role of the glue in your essay as you will keep referring to it to stay on topic. Your essay’s content is entirely dependent on the thesis statement. When your essay has information that is not in the thesis statement, it may render your thesis statement not useful and a waste of time. What is in the thesis statement ought to be what is in your essay.

A thesis statement could be in a single sentence or two sentences. It will have three components which are the main subject, the precise opinion, and the blueprint opinion. You will notice the three parts as they are quite clear in an essay with a statement thesis. You do not have to come up with the thesis statement at the beginning of your planning as it develops with time and a lot of brainstorming.

What are the two primary types of a thesis statement?

As you grow in the field of essay writing, you will get to understand the need for stressing on the thesis statement. Any form of essay writing is highly guided by the presence of a thesis statement. It does a great job of giving an insight into an essay and preparing the reader on what to expect in the essay. An essay missing a thesis statement is subjected to a lack of focus and clarity.

The primary types of thesis statements essays are explanatory and argumentative. The explanatory thesis is tasked with introducing the subject to the reader without supporting statements. The explanatory will not need you to defend it in any way. They come in handy in the expository essay and research essay where there is no need to have any argument on supporting your findings.

In the argumentative essay, your thesis statement ought to be a claim and not at any point be a response. The reader of your essay does not have to be in agreement with the claim you make. You will need to convince the reader on why you deem the claim factual to your understanding. For your argumentative essay, you will need to come up with supporting ideas on the claim you made to convince the reader of your thoughts.

What are the four steps to writing a thesis statement?

For a beginner, it may be challenging to come up with the right thesis statement for your essay. The difference between a thesis and a thesis statement is something big and could not be missed by the eye. Below are some steps provided to make it much simple for you to come up with an accurate thesis statement.

The main point; decide on the main point of your argument. You will have a list of points to pick from, but pick one that will guide you on what to write in your essay.

The main point of your thesis statement is made up of two parts; a subject and a verb. The subject is mainly the idea you seek to explain in your essay. It could be an idea or a person or an event you need to discuss in your essay. The verb of your thesis statement seeks to explain your essay on the subject.

The support; these are ideas that will be of support to the main point in discussion in your essay. For your support ideas, it is advisable to have three of them to show the main point of your essay is factual.

Three supporting ideas are enough numbers to create enough support for your essay. When coming up with these ideas, you need to make sure they are not similar to one another as this will have you mixed when writing the essay. Pick up ideas that are very distinct from each other to make it much easier for you to discuss on.

In the combination bit; you will need to have your main point and the supporting ideas in a single paragraph. This provides a chance for you to expound on the main point and the supporting ideas. It gives the examiner a chance to indulge with your essay at the very beginning and to know what to expect in the body of your essay.

How do I know if my thesis statement is strong?

Getting the right thesis statement might be tasking in the first couple of times, but with time you get better at doing it. As we all know practice makes perfect. The several reviews on your draft will enable you to know whether your thesis statement is working for you or not.

The draft does a great job in guiding your thesis statement. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to know if your thesis statement will be good for your essay.

Is the question by the examiner answered? At all times you ought to have the question asked at the back of your head. Go through the question from time to time to ensure your thesis statement can answer the question in place.

Your thesis statement should pose an argument. A thesis statement that everyone will be in support of would result in you providing a summary on the subject. You need to argue out your point of view and for others to question it or argue it out. Your thesis statement ought to bring out a discussion or an argument.

The thesis statement you create has to be specific and direct to the point. A specific thesis statement will guide you on what to have in your paper. This keeps the reader informed at all times on what to expect in your paper at all times. A general thesis statement may throw you off the course from time to time losing the meaning of a thesis statement.

The thesis statement ought to be the map of your essay. Ask yourself whether your thesis statement provides a guide to your essay. Your thesis statement ought to give you an idea of what to have in your essay from the beginning to the end of your essay.

Introduction to the essay is the main job of your thesis statement. You need to ask yourself whether your thesis statement provides a sufficient introduction to your essay. Any reader going through your essay can pick up the introduction bit from your thesis statement with the needed ease.

The choices of the words you pick for your thesis statement have to be correct. The words you pick for your thesis statement have to be right and used in the right context at all times. Avoid having unnecessary words in your thesis statement.

You ought to feel confident about the thesis statement you pick for your essay. The reason behind your thesis statement ought to be clear to you at all times, giving you a chance to defend your answers with more clarity and confidence.

What is an effective thesis statement?

A great thesis statement ought to show the reader what to expect in the essay and provide a guide map for the student on what to have in the essay. It ought to state out clearly the argument at hand or stating what is already known.

The thesis statement you come up with is the skeleton that will assist you in building up your essay bring out the ideas you seek to defend in your essay. A great thesis statement will entail what is listed below;

Aim; a thesis statement aim should be what do you aim to explain, why is aim to explain it and how are you aiming to explain it. You have to aim to bring out the best from the paper with the task to help the reader to understand your aim.

The ability to develop it; your thesis statement can be in a single sentence or two with the ability to be expounded on. It ought to provide room for you to expound further on your essay by providing evidence on the argument you are in support of.

Argumentative ought to be the nature of the thesis statement. Your thesis statement should not be on the negative side only but ought to give room for arguing a point out. Provide room for dialogue on your paper and for you to provide supporting information on your thesis statement.

Your essay has to be in line with the thesis statement all through. An effective thesis statement will guide you through your paper. This is made possible by the use of topic sentences at the beginning of your paragraphs. They must have the relevance to your thesis statement at all times.

Being the backbone of your paper, your thesis statement ought to guide you on what to have on your paper. An effective thesis statement will provide a map or a guide on your next paragraph and what to have on it.