How to Write a Conversation Between Two Characters (With Format & Writing Tips)

In literature, it is important to know How to write a conversation between two characters. A conversation is a written or spoken exchange between individuals directed at a particular subject. In writing, it tells more about the character and how they react or converse with other people. What is a conversation between two characters? A […]

What is the Purpose of Using Transitions in Essay Writing in 2022?

There are numerous ideas introduced and discussed in an essay. However, for the reader to understand what is conveyed in the essay, the words, sentences, and paragraphs must be connected logically. Transitions are essential in this situation. Transitions are a grouping of words and phrases that help to connect the main ideas and supporting ideas […]

How to Write a Counterclaim Paragraph the Right Way

As you work on your essay, you should understand How to Write a Counterclaim Paragraph the Right Way. You will need to understand the terms for your assignment to receive the grades you desire better. Every essay comprises essential components. You will need an introduction, a body, and a conclusion for your narrative essay. A […]

How long does it take to write an essay?

How long does it take to write an essay? This is a common concern among students. However, there is no clear formula or method for answering this frequently asked question. The answer varies from essay to essay. It all depends on your concentration level; one can write 300 words in an hour, while another can […]

What are the 3 Components of a Thesis Statement?

To become an astute writer one needs to understand the writing process which involves establishing the components of a thesis statement. Writing can be done for both academic and professional purposes. It will be done at school to meet academic requirements and at work for payment. Writing will let others view your thoughts while attempting […]

What is the first part of a good essay introduction?

The introduction section of your essay is responsible for introducing the reader to your research. This thus makes the introduction section of any paper crucial because it determines whether or not your paper will be read to the end. An introduction provides a broad overview of the subject, allowing readers to think beyond the specific […]

Can the blackboard detect cheating?

Every student’s academic life has brought them into contact with other students who might have faced the temptation to cheat on an exam. The shift in education from physical to online learning appeared to have exacerbated the situation. Online learning has exposed students to a wealth of readily available information. Therefore, we need to answer […]

How Long Should a College Research Paper Be?

To answer the question of how long should a college research paper be, one needs to understand the various metrics professors use to evaluate students, including adherence to the set instructions. You will be required to submit more than a few research papers to complete your academics. With this in mind, you should always be […]

Best Paraphrasing Tool to Beat Turnitin

Although your work may contain accurate information, plagiarism may prevent you from receiving the grades you deserve.  Many students have failed due to plagiarism as detected on their Canvas submissions. There’s thus a need for the best Paraphrasing Tool to Beat Turnitin software. With the widespread use of the internet, plagiarism has increased in recent […]

What is the First Component of an Essay Introduction?

An introduction to an essay is similar to a topic sentence in a paragraph. Choose the right words to use in your introduction to capture the reader’s attention. To keep the attention of anyone reading your essay, the introduction must be captivating at all times. The reader must be captivated from the beginning of your […]

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