Analysis of Freedoms to Speech Firearms or Religion

Posted On Mar 01 2021

Freedoms to choose from- Speech, Firearms, or Religion (pick one and stick to it)

I want you to write on the notion of whether we are truly free or just shaving our rights away into socialism? I want you to answer and write to your views, NOT the instructor or anyone besides you. Please voice your feelings, emotions, and logic as if I am your supporter. My opinion, does not matter. Please follow the rubric and answer the questions with required/asked for materials to earn a great grade.

1. Search the Collin College Library for 2 journal articles discussing one of the freedom you chose. Please give a summery of each of them separately. Next, do they conflict each other? Do they appear to be pushing an agenda? Find one logical fallacy from each and was it effective/detrimental to the conclusion of their work and your opinion of the pieces?  2 Cited Sources

2. Find 2 newspaper articles on your subject that are recent enough to have covid affects. Please summarize each of them separately. Are the federal or state Government involved in controlling the right? How has covid affected this right? Has the political party system affected the right's use? Which one and how? 2 Cited Sources

3. Social media- find 2 social media content creators. Please present a post or video on the topic of your choosing in a summery for each separately. Find one logical fallacy in their work for each content creator. Was the logical fallacy effective or detrimental? Did the content creator attack a political party? Why? Was this content creator's speech controlled or removed from a previous platform? 2 cited sources

4. Your opinion- Is this freedom at risk from government and media businesses? Have recent events of covid, election, and social environment affected how you exercise this right? Do you find others around you unaccepting of your use of this right? How are outside influences of your life controlling this right? Do you find a need for a constitutional ruling or convention to fix the issue you might be facing? What would recommend to the Supreme Court or legislatures to protect your right? No Cited Sources required in this section.

Guidelines- 6 pages minimum, Must use in-text citation (I grade heavy here), Double spaced, entire piece must be in paragraph form, NO long direct quotes over 2 lines allowed (must summarize), Use APA style, No abstracts please, Must have a works cited page, Number the pages please, Title page and Works cited page are not part of the page count, and No students are allowed to work together on it.

Grading- -10 for missing pages, -30 for missing in-text citations at length, -3 missing a spot needing an in-text citation, -5 for Missing a works cited piece as requested of the 6 required, -2 for messed up citation, points subtracted for improperly or failing to address each section, Points subtracted for poor writing skill (usually -2), and -5 for not using page numbers and your name in Header/Footer of each page. I do not grade politically or push an agenda while grading (objective grading only).

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