Are Social Bots Ethical

Posted On Mar 05 2021

Topic 1-1

Are Social Bots Ethical?


You are an IT security specialist at your organization. The CEO has come to you saying he wants to incorporate the use of social bots on the organization’s website to reduce costs and ensure rapid customer response. You feel it is imperative that he understands the ethical concerns raised in using a social bot in this way. Write a brief report to your CEO discussing the ethical issues associated with the use of a social bot.

  1. Does use of a social bot preserve or enhance human dignity?
  2. Does use of a social bot preserve the autonomy of the human?
  3. Is the data processing required necessary and proportionate?
  4. Does use of a social bot uphold the common good?

Discuss the benefits of using a social bot on the organization’s website. Discuss the downsides of using a social bot on the organization’s website. How important do you feel the ethical issues are in making this decision? Make a final recommendation to the CEO and justify your recommendation.


Topic 1-2

Discuss the problem of the rapidly changing cybersecurity environment juxtaposed with the slow-moving government regulation and legal system in general.

Topic 3-1

State laws regarding data security vary considerably across states. This week you will learn about the data security laws in your own state, and by reading other students’ posts, you will be able to identify differences. Additionally, you will address how you would approach an ethical scenario related to data privacy.

Research on the Internet to find your Indiana’s data security laws, data breach notification laws, and data disposal laws. Provide a description of these laws for Indiana. Do you feel that the laws are adequate for protecting data in general and your personal data? Why or why not?


Topic 3-2

You are the IT department manager, and the CIO has asked you to install keyloggers on all of the organization computers so there is access to information about what staff are doing in the organization at all times. Is it ethical to install these keyloggers on company computers for this reason? Justify your response. Is it legal for the organization to install keyloggers on all of the computers? Describe the law you are using to support your response.

Topic 4-1

Intellectual Property

Use the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website for case studies on intellectual property. Perform a Simple Search selecting the IP Right and the Focus (e.g., Copyright and Related Rights with focus of IP enforcement/infringement). Find a case study that interests you and summarize it for the class, including the country or countries involved. What did you feel was the most important element of this case study? What issues (legal or ethical) were raised in this case study? Explain how IP laws impacted the business (positively or negatively).


Topic 4-2

Cybercrime in Other Countries

Research on the Internet and identify a recent article on a cybercrime event that occurred in a country other than the United States. Summarize the event and discuss what the outcomes were related to that cybercrime. What laws or regulations were relevant to this cybercrime? Was legal action taken? If so, what was the outcome? Compare the cybercrime laws of the country where the event occurred to cybercrime laws in the U.S.


Topic 5-1

How to Compensate for the Negative Effects of Technology?

Discuss one or more criticisms of the way(s) technology has negatively affected society, families, schools, or the workplace. Share your recommendations of any formal or informal rules that can be implemented in society, families, schools, or the workplace to compensate for the detrimental effects.


Topic 5-2

The Ethical Issues of Emerging Technologies

Research on the Internet and identify an emerging technology. Discuss the ethical and legal issues surrounding that emerging technology. Identify at least one law that might be relevant to the new technology, and identify at least one ethical issue that the new technology raises.


Topic 6-1

Technology Dependence

Are there any ways in which most people are too dependent upon technology for tasks within their personal lives, schools, the workplace, or society? If so, what are the risks if technology malfunctions? What are your recommendations for risk mitigation?  

Are there areas in which technology is not being leveraged enough? If so, which areas? How should technology be applied in these situations?


Topic 6-2

What do you feel is the most important ethical concern related to technology in today’s world? Provide at least two examples. How do you feel this important ethical issue should be addressed? Who do you feel is responsible for addressing the ethical issue (government [federal or state], judicial system, organizations, individuals, or other)? What can you as an individual do to address this ethical issue?


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