Assignment Based on Topic 1 and EEO Concepts

Posted On Mar 05 2021

MSB 734 IHRM Posted 2-9-2021; Due 2-23-2021 Assignment Based on Topic 1 and EEO Concepts Utilizing the textbook and presentations, answer ALL of the following questions directly on this form. Some responses may require a one-sentence response. For example, What is an MNE? Others however will require more detail. Thus use substantive & cogent responses (complete sentences in paragraph format) where appropriate. Save the Form as a Word doc or PDF and attach it in the Assignments Due Here Forum on Blackboard by 11:59 PM on Tuesday 2-23-2021. For consideration, you must answer all of the questions including subsets of each question. Failure to answer any of the questions or subset of a question will result in rejection of the entire assignment. You must also clearly identify what you are answering. Cite your sources (textbook and PPT). Unless otherwise approved, unauthorized late submissions and e-mailed versions will not be accepted.


1. a) What is an MNE?

 b) What are the primary causes of MNE failures?

2. Identify and briefly describe three major U.S. labor laws MNE must comply with.

3. a) Define HCN, PCN, and TCN

b) Discuss the changes in emphasis as the workforce mix of PCN and HCNs vary

c) What, if any, HR activity is there that an HCN could do better than a PCN that was trained in a similar manner?

4. a) Define the following terms: expatriate and inpatriate

b) Why do psychological contracts between MNE and international assignees also include the international assignee immediate family? 5. The role of the HRM function in multidomestic and global industries can be analyzed using model.

a) Describe Model

b) Define both multidomestic industry and global industry and discuss the distinctions between them.

c) Discuss why ExxonMobil would be considered a global industry ?

 6. a) What does the acronym PESTLE mean?

b) What does PESTLE have to do with International Human Resource Management?

7. a) What are asymmetic events ?

b) Why do MNE have a difficult time planning for asymmetric events ?

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