Communication Law

Posted On Mar 03 2021

Write down the problem or problems you see in the prompt. What legal threats are present to your organization? Think broadly here—there may be secondary problems in addition to those that are obvious to you.
Find examples in which other organizations found themselves in similar situations. You should use both Westlaw and Google to do so. Write down those examples that seem closely related and ask:
What problem did they face, and how is it similar and different from your own?
What solutions did they attempt?
What was the outcome?
Based on your own knowledge and the examples you found, come up with a list of all the potential responses you can come up with to your problem.
Then, consider the pros and cons of those options.
Identify which option you think is the best, and clearly identify both
Why you think it’s best, and
What the limitations/drawbacks to the option are.
Finally, write up your analysis as if you’re writing to your boss. Use simple language but be thorough in your explanation. You must include
The problems you’ve identified
The potential actions you see
Examples of how other organizations reacted to similar problems
Your recommended course of action, the reasoning behind your recommendation, and its drawbacks

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