Deliver Bad News

Posted On Mar 03 2021

Write a document in business format that persuasively communicates the benefit change to employees in a way that reduces resistance and increases understanding for the rationale. Please see attached documents. Please read delivering bad news for assignment details.


you will assume the role of Sam Dawkins, Human Resource Manager at Rizeo, a moderate-size manufacturing organization that produces plastic storage containers. This (fictitious) organization is located in rural Kentucky and employs 1,100 full-time employees.

Scenario: To reduce expenses, your organization has elected to keep their current health insurance provider, but eliminate their use of the most popular plan, that included a lower deductible. The old plan had a $1,500.00 deductible, whereas the new plan has a 3,000 dollar deductible. This change, while one of many made by the organization, is projected to save the company a large but unspecified amount of money (effective first of the year).

Receivers: Like any manufacturing plant, Rizeo has a diverse group of employees. Yet, statistically, the largest group of employees falls within the 50-64 year old demographic. Rumors are circling that some employees will quit if this change is made, but leadership believes that limited employer alternatives in the small rural town make this outcome unlikely. To make matters more complicated, your parent company, who purchased the plant without any immediate changes last year, is rumored to be making an unannounced visit to conduct a comprehensive survey of employee engagement and the plant’s culture.

DO NOT USE THINGS that will undo the significance of the message (e.g., you cannot say, “this change is just temporary and thus it will go away soon”).

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