different practice settings where CMS regulations apply

Posted On Mar 30 2021

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There are common overarching standards in health care regulation, but there are important differences depending on the practice setting. This assignment is designed to familiarize you with conditions of coverage and participation specific to different types of health care organizations.


Refer to CMS Regulations & Guidance located in this week's Learning Activities.


Choose any 2 different practice settings where CMS regulations apply: for example, you might choose one that represents where you currently work or have worked, and another that you are interested in exploring.


Examine the similarities and differences in conditions of coverage and participation related to your 2 chosen factors. Consider two of the following:

  • Staffing requirements
  • Release of patient records
  • Patient rights
  • Administrative structure
  • Another aspect relative to the specific care environment


Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years.


Format your assignment as a 10- to 15-slide presentation


Include an APA-formatted reference list.


Refer to CMS Regulations & Guidance located in this week's Learning Activities.


Here's a process you can follow to get it done! You’re going to compare CMS requirements for two settings.


Refer to CMS Regulations & Guidance located in this week's Learning Activities.

Explore the CMS website and review Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) and Conditions of Participations (CoPs) for specific practice areas and specialties.


 Pick any two settings (such as, hospital, hospice, transplant center, long term care, etc.) from the left column on CMS website above.


Then pick only two factors to compare in those two settings from the bullet points in the assignment (such as staffing, release of patient records, patient rights, structure, etc).  


Once you have chosen the two settings, then go to "Conditions of Participation (COP)" or CfC and read through the information -- just scan through it quickly until you find the two factors (section/topic) you're looking for. Come up with similarities and differences for the two settings of our choice.  


So for example, you could compare CMS requirements for staffing and patient rights (those are the 2 factors) for two settings, like hospitals and LTC.  Compare CMS requirements for staffing for hospitals and LTC; then compare CMS requirements for patient rights in hospitals and LTC.


Be sure to take a look at the Grading Rubric before you start.

 The two links below are very direct and seem easy to use. (7/13/2020)

Click on the .PDF (on left side of page) for Hospitals COP. Then download the .PDF.

For an example, I found the requirements for patient rights at page 9 and nursing services at page 16.


Long Term Care Facilities:

Table of Contents has active links to sections that are easy to read. Find patient rights and nursing services to compare with hospital requirements.


It takes some time to search and find the info. I hope you find what you need. 

Grading rubric


 Choose 2 different practice settings, from CMS website, with varying CfCs and/or CoPs

25% of total grade

  • Compares and contrasts conditions for coverage (CfC) and/or conditions of participation (COP)

25% of total grade

  • Selects 2 appropriate factors

25% of total grade

  • Cites at least 3 evidence-based, peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years. Uses APA format. Cites references in-text. Cites page/paragraph number for direct quotes.

8% of total grade

  • Assignment is free of grammatical errors, language maintains a scholarly and succinct tone

9% of total grade

  • Follows a structure that is clear, concise, and appropriate, including Level 1 headings for key points or slide titles with key points when appropriate

8% of total grade


NSG/426: Alternative Links for the Exploration of Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) & Conditions of Participations (CoPs) – needed as links for are down


Organ Procurement Organizations:

Transplant Centers:

Rural Health Clinic/Federally Qualified Health Center: (closest I could get)

Home Health Agencies:

End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities:

Long Term Care Facilities:

Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICD/IID):

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs):

Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institutions:

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORFs):

Clinics, Rehab Agencies, & Public Health Agencies as Providers of Outpatient PT and Speech Language:

Community Mental Health Centers:


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