Baroque or Rococo to Neoclassicism AND from Neoclassicism to Romanticism

Posted On Mar 30 2021

Answer 3 of the 4 following questions. Your answers should be 250–350 words each. You should discuss at least 2 specific works of art covered in lecture in each question unless otherwise specified. Strong answers will use specific details from works of art to support the argument.

How do we see specific intellectual and philosophical ideals playing out in European art from 1600–1850?

In Part 2, we’ve seen a few examples of taste-makers (e.g., elite patrons, collectors, academies, Salons, and critics) who set the standards for art and style—or new directions. Discuss the impact of taste-makers.

Discuss the changes in style from the Baroque or Rococo to Neoclassicism AND from Neoclassicism to Romanticism. Be sure to use an example image from each of these three categories to help you articulate specific features of the style.

European art from 1600–1850 was designed to impress its viewers, whether through its theatrics, ethical appeal, skillful making, surprising materials, or technical innovations. Discuss two ways art was meant to impress.

Section B: Long Answer Question

Consider the 5 themes in the list below. Select 1 theme from the list and write a reflection on that theme and its significance for art from 1400–1850. Your reflection should consider the following questions: How do you define the theme? Why is it important for art history? What kinds of questions does this theme raise? What artists, periods, or styles (if any) seem particularly concerned with this theme?

You have latitude to be creative in the way you define and interpret your theme, but you must address your theme and the questions above through a discussion of at least 3 works of art. One of those works must be from Part 1 of the course (European Renaissance) and the remaining should be drawn from Part 2 of the course (European Baroque to Realism). You may choose any works you like, so long as we discussed them as part of our course (i.e., the came up in my lecture videos, the assigned readings, or the supplementary assigned videos from Smarthistory, The Getty, etc.). Your reflection should be 500–700 words.

Themes to choose from:

The Meaning of Materials
Labor and Leisure
Strange Spaces
Femininities and Masculinities
The World of Nature

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