Muslims in Europe: Promoting Integration and Countering Extremism

Posted On Mar 30 2021

Two essays each one page:

Read the following article and answer the following question: Muslims in Europe: Promoting Integration and Countering Extremism, CRS RL33166, September 7, 2011, Skim only pp. 1-2. Read pp. 3- 9. The vast majority of Muslims in Europe are not involved in radical activities. However, events such as the 2004 and 2005 terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, respectively, that were carried out by Muslim citizens or residents, have raised the question of whether European countries have done enough to integrate their Muslim communities and prevent feelings of social exclusion and marginalization. Although not the sole cause of radicalization and terrorism, some experts believe that past failures to fully integrate Muslims into mainstream European society may make some Muslims in Europe more vulnerable to extremist ideologies. (page 2.)

Answer the following: Is lack of integration the key to terrorism? Are their groups in the United States or other countries that are not integrated and are thus at risk of radicalization?

 Read the following article and answer the following question:

 From Dawa to Jihad: The Various Threats from radical Islam to the democratic legal order. Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (AIVD), 2004. Read Introduction, Chapters I and II (pages 5 - 43).

The authors write, The various forms of present-day radical Islam share a common historical, sociological and (in part) psychological origin. The common basis for the many movements, organisations and groups stems from the dissatisfaction about and resistance against the political, economic and cultural dominance of the Western world shared by many Muslims all over the world.

 Answer the following: In Chapter 2 the authors describe three different types of Radical Islam. Is this helpful? Why or why not? In what other ways can we analyze or categorize Radical Islam?

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