Peter Rabbit and the Genesis garden story

Posted On Feb 25 2021

Part1. Consider stories such as Peter Rabbit and the Genesis garden story: in both, the authority figure tells the protagonist what not to do. In each story, the protagonist violates the prohibition, which leads to two levels of consequence: personal consequences, and consequences with the prohibitor. (260words)

Write a short story that uses these four elements as the basic plot line:
- a prohibition, rule, or commandment from an authority figure
- doing the prohibited
- personal short-term consequences for the protagonist
- long-term, authority consequences

Note that the first and final elements have to do with the prohibitor or authority, while the middle two have to do with the protagonist (who is "doing the don't").

Part1-1. Please give critical feedback by analyzing the details they've used. Where did the student show? Where did they tell? What details or actions or behaviors that were shown were the most evocative or curious? Why? (20words)

    Peer's post: One of the greatest regrets of my life is dating my high school boyfriend. You know, the one that kind of ruins the whole concept of dating for the foreseeable future? Yeah, that guy. We dated for two years, and during that time out social lives melted together and my friends were his friends and we all were close. Everything, to the unknowing eye would have seemed incredible, but he was jealous, and I was naive. As our relationship progressed I noticed that certain interactions between me and his friends would set him off. So one day hoping to solve some of the problems of mistrust I asked, “What exactly do I do that makes you uncomfortable, so I know not to do it.”

Looking back that was perhaps the dumbest thing I could have said, because out came a list of things that apparently were breakup worth offenses. Taking to other guys when he wasn’t around, liking his friends posts on Instagram, being polite to male baristas. I suddenly felt as though a breakup was inevitable and it would be my fault because something I did would make him upset.

I spent as much time with him as possible with him the summer after my junior year since he’d be leaving for college in the fall. And when he did it was devastating but we called and FaceTimed and everything seemed fine. A few months later his mom called me and asked if I would be willing to take something to my schools office for her, and after I hung up my boyfriends best friend called asking for a ride to school since his truck wasn’t starting. We had become friends the last few years and I didn’t think twice about it. So with his friend in the car I stopped by his house to talk to his mom, and we were off to school.

After the final bell I had over two hundred texts a dozen voicemails, and even an e-mail. I called my boyfriend who started screaming at me, calling me a cheating, lying bitch. Meanwhile I just sat in my car crying, so confused. At the end of his screaming he dumped me and hung up. I was heartbroken, but I moved on in the next few weeks. By the end of the semester I was happy again, and felt so much relief not having to second guess all of my actions. I reconnected with friends I hadn’t been allowed to see. I took a date to our winter formal, and everything was great.

My now ex-boyfriend had decided to transfer back to our local college, so I regularly saw him around our seemingly tiny town, and when I did I ignored him and moved on. On Valentines day I received a disturbing singing telegram at my school at at first seemed cute until I realized who had sent it. I was talking to a friend about it in class and my teacher overheard. I told him all about seeing him around and the telegram, and he accompanied me to talk to the police. I told them everything. Two years of information and personal details. The officers looked shocked. They set me up with a restraining order on him, and personally served it to his house.

Over the last few years he has followed me to California and even gone on a date with a girl who lived down the hall from me. I’m so happy that despite this mildly traumatic experience that I’ve been able to move on and live a happy life. Every once in a while I feel bad that he seems to have some unresolved feelings towards be that are holding him back from doing the same, but in the end he deserves to have to explain the restraining order, and live with it. Maybe one day I won’t see him lurking around corners, but I’ll always be the girl he drove away and then felt the need to follow for years.

Part2. Write your summary of Raymond Carver's story using the summary evaluation.(120words)


1. Author’s name + Title of the text

2. Main topic of text is paraphrased (Topic is the literal, concrete sequence of events)

3. Main purpose of text is paraphrased (Purpose is what the story's themes are)

4. Summary is 2-4 sentences long

5. Summary is in your own words (no quotations)

6. Vivid and precise verbs & transitions are used

7. Proofread

8. An author is always referred to by their last name (Gilman) not first (Charlotte)

Part3. Analyze the couple's dynamic in the opening scene of the story + one other scene. To do this, you'll need to analyze dialogue, subtext, and Carver's use of language. What does the couple's dynamic show us about the narrator? You might also compare the couple's dynamic to the blind man's and the wife's dynamic. Be sure to do some citing from the text. (150words)

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