Realism and its application

Posted On Mar 01 2021

Realism was the first major international theory developed by modern political science and remains among the most influential. Realism is a powerful theory—simple and elegant, highly predictive—but it has major weaknesses, departures it cannot explain. All too often, decision-makers find it impossible to follow realist recommendations.
Essay Assignment Two is your chance to show your understanding and skill applying course readings on realist international relations theory and explaining the advantages and difficulties of applying realism to major international problems, showing what it does well, and what it does not do well.
Tasks with Directions
For this assignment, explain realism and apply it explain events in the Korea and/or Vietnam Wars. What does realism explain best? What does it explain worst? What does its rival explanatory strengths and weaknesses reveal about the nature of international affairs? Explain realism and apply it to illuminate case studies from Stoessinger, as explained in the essay guidance located in Blackboard > Submissions > Essay Two instructions.
Respond to all parts of the assignment, thoroughly covering the course readings, including explanations of their general themes and concepts, their specific application to assignment questions, and comparison of course readings.
Submission Guidelines
Submit your document to Blackboard > Submissions > Essay Two: Realism Applied.
Grading Evaluation Criteria
Essays will be marked primarily for explanation and application of assigned readings, and resolution of assigned questions.
Your essay needs a descriptive title and summarizing the introduction.
Formally cite all references to readings precisely, with a page number. Generally, the more citations, the better.
Use of brief quotations from class readings—with proper citations and explanations—is encouraged. Citations can be Chicago or MLA style.
Essays should be at least three single-spaced, typed pages.
Papers receiving the highest grades typically are at least four to six pages. There is no maximum.
Tips for Success
Submit a draft to get suggestions.
Show you mastered course readings. Re-read assigned articles for full comprehension. As you read, always look up any unfamiliar nouns: concepts, countries, events, people, etcetera. Write deductively; when introducing a reading, show you understand its most important themes, explain major themes from course readings—what are they all about—then apply those themes to the specific questions of the assignment. There is no tool as useful in composition as detailed outlining. The more you outline, the less you have to write.

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