The role of management accounting in SMEs

Posted On Mar 30 2021

1. Write an academic paper consisting of a critical review and synthesis of the literature together with some analysis and interpretation of this literature review.

2. This piece of work should be in the range of 7000-8000 words (excluding references i.e. bibliography)

3. You should pay specific attention to the title. You should not alter it the topic title but can refine it to a more specific topic/stream/area if you wish.

4. Structure your paper like a peer reviewed academic paper, similar to those you are reading for your literature review.

5. Include a table of contents

6. Use Harvard referencing

7. Use font Calibri or Times New roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing.

8. Include an abstract

9. You must have an opening section entitled Introduction and a closing section entitled Conclusions and future research. The other sections are up to you.

10. This is an academic paper and the literature review should consist substantially of academic literature

11. Your paper must include some analytical or discursive content beyond the literature review.

12. The abstract should be 150/200 word at the beginning of the paper, before the introduction, that provides readers with a quick overview of the paper

13. The abstract should be one of the best parts of the paper.

14. The abstract should direct readers attention to key highlights

15. It should suggest any implications or applications of future research discussed in your paper.

16. Focus on using PRJ’s (peer review journals)

17. Key journals that should be used include:

· Accounting Organisation & Society (AOS)

· Accounting, audit and accountability (AAAJ)

· Management Accounting Research (MAR)

· Critical Perspectives on Accounting (CPA)

· European Accounting review (EAR)

· British Accounting review (BAR)

· Qualitive Research in Accounting & Management Irish Accounting Review (QRAM)

· Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR)

· Accounting horizons

· Academy of Management Journal (AOM)

· Journal of information systems

· Harvard Business Review (HBR)

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