Case study of how a major company producing selling consumer products/uses big data

Posted On Mar 30 2021

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Note: Please make sure that it can NOT use topic that I ordered for previous research. I have included all the instructions for this Case Study of this order. And I also included the attached file which contains the Rubric grading at the bottom of the document.

The assignment is to research and write up a case study of how a major company producing and/or selling consumer products/services uses big data in at least one aspect of its operations.
• What to submit: Upload your paper in Microsoft Word format.
• Length: The paper should be around 1,600 words long excluding tables, graphs, a reference list, and appendices.
• Rubric: Your paper will be graded using the rubric included below.
The case study should be in this format:
1. Brief introduction, including summary of company’s operations
2. Brief description of big data use (e.g., revenue management, resource allocation, customer loyalty program, operations management, supply chain, inventory management, consumer marketing)
3. Brief history with respect to data in the area you are researching, including successes and setbacks firm had in getting to where they are today with respect to data collection and use in the area you are researching
4. Impact of data use on their business (include metrics such as sales increases, cost savings, increased utilization, change in churn rate, or whatever is appropriate for firm/industry)
5. How information derived from data collected is used for decision-making
6. Plans for future development of data and information systems for use by management for decision-making
7. Summary/assessment of firm’s stage of development and success using data to improve management decision-making
The case study research project should include:
• At least two references from appropriate trade publication(s)
• At least two references from general business publications
• The firm’s annual report for at least one year should be consulted
• An interview with at least one person with knowledge of the firm’s use of big data related to your chosen topic; the person can be a current employee, former employee, or someone else familiar with the industry and the firm (a phone interview is fine; the interview does not have to be long, but you should be prepared with questions before starting the interview)
• The use of APA format for cover page, line spacing, section headings, tables, graphs, citations, and reference list
• The required trade publication, general business publications, annual report, and other materials cited in the text and included in the reference list
• Citations for the interview following APA format (note: the interview should not be included in the reference list, per APA style)
• Tables, graphs, etc. as needed
• Appendices as needed (welcome, but not required)
Choosing a Firm
Pick a firm that is in the business of providing consumer products or services ((i.e. it must be a B2C organization...not a B2B.) In many cases, you might choose to work with only one division of a firm. For example, rather than doing a case on all of the brands operated by Yum! Brands, you might choose one of the brands: KFC, Pizza Hut, or Taco Bell. Be careful, as divisional numbers may not be available in annual reports for all firms.
Some suggestions:
• Airline (American, Delta, United)
• Cellular phone carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile)
• Consumer products firm (Proctor & Gamble, Kraft-Heinz, Unilever)
• Express carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL)
• Healthcare insurance firm or HMO
• Hotel chain (Marriott/Starwood, Hilton, Intercontinental, Wyndham)
• Restaurant - Fast food chain (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s)
• Restaurant - Quick service restaurant chain (Panera, Chipotle, Panda Express)
• Restaurant chain (Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Chili’s)
• Retailer (Safeway, Target, Wal-Mart)
• Streaming video provider (Netflix, YouTube)
• Transportation service firm (Uber, Lyft)
• Other large firms with which you are familiar, including your employer if it is a large firm selling consumer products or services (do not include any proprietary information from a firm in paper)
Use a publicly held firm so you can access annual reports and related information. The firm you choose must be a large-scale operation with a big data operation that is suitable for the assignment.
• Sources for both major concepts and direct quotes used in your paper must be cited in the text of the paper, and the source must be in the reference list at the end of the paper. Use APA style for both citations and references.
• Format the paper using APA style for the title page, page layout (line spacing, page numbers, etc.), headings, citations, and references. There is no need to follow additional APA style requirements. Not familiar with APA style? See an excellent online guide at:
Types of Publications
General Interest Business Publications
These publications offer articles on businesses and business professionals. Professional journalists on staff with knowledge of business generally write the articles, but guest authors may write some articles. Topics covered vary from profiles of companies or individuals to general discussions of topics of interest to people working in business, including finance, management, marketing, strategy, etc. Articles are not peer reviewed. Language used is easy to understand, with business terms sometimes explained for readers. Many are published as magazines, with glossy color photos of individuals and company facilities, but some are published in newspaper-like formats with lower quality photos. Most charge a subscription fee and may also be available on a per-copy basis at newsstands. Advertising varies from ads aimed at managers who make business decisions for their firms (B2B) to consumer ads targeting higher income households (B2C.) Some have national or international editions, while some are published for specific metropolitan areas. Examples include Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Crains Chicago Business.
Trade Publications (aka Trade Journals)
Trade publications offer current news articles of interest to those working in a specific industry. Articles are written by staff writers or, in some cases, others with knowledge of the industry. The language used may include industry-specific terms not familiar to the general public or even business people in other industries; however, the overall language is easily understood by most readers. Articles are not peer reviewed. They are distributed to people who work in a specific industry and are not generally available for purchase by the public. In some cases they may be distributed free of charge to those working in the industry, and in other cases they may charge a subscription fee. They also typically carry advertising targeted at those working in the industry. Examples include Chain Store Age, U.S. Banker, Manufacturing News, Travel Weekly, Advertising Age, Nations Restaurant News, and Modern Grocer.
Academic Journals (aka Scholarly Journals)
Academic journals in business disciplines generally publish in-depth articles written by academics conducting research into very specific, narrow topics. Authors are usually faculty at academic institutions and not professional journalists employed by the journal. Extensive citations and references are included, enabling readers to verify information. Articles in most academic journals are peer reviewed by experts in the field prior to being accepted for publication. The target audience is primarily other business researchers, academics, and students. The language used can be very dense and technical, with terms specific to a narrow field of study. Most academic journals are produced in black and white and might include graphs, charts, and tables. Photographs are rarely seen in an academic journal. Journals are offered on a subscription basis, with many users accessing them online through academic libraries. Advertising is rarely included. Examples include Journal of Management, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Operations Management, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Advertising Research, Tourism Management, and Journal of Supply Chain Management.
Submitting Your Work
Use Microsoft Word format when composing your paper and upload it for evaluation.

The grading is based on Rubric that is included in the attached file.

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