Week 8: Practicum Activity 8

Posted On Mar 03 2021

Practicum Final PowerPoint

Finalize your Performance Improvement PowerPoint. Incorporate the feedback you received from fellow students in the Week 7: Discussion. Add an implementation plan and timetable.

Submit your final version of your PowerPoint presentation of at least 20 slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint format is preferred, including standard themes and layouts.  The presentation must contain the following:

Title slide (course name and number, topic of presentation, student name, date) (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Table of Contents. (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Identify the organization to be analyzed. Verify who authorized access for you to perform this analysis. (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Summarize your understanding of the current situation for the selected area.  Clearly state the symptoms of the problem, who is involved, and how you will know if your performance improvement suggestions are successful. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
List your interview questions (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Identify who you interviewed - organization roles or positions, not names (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Present your analysis of the interviews by listing the most common responses or areas of discussion that you thought were particularly relevant (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Prepare an “as is” process flowchart that shows the current process, highlights the problem areas, and identifies the key participants. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
List your survey questions or insert a screen capture or picture of your survey. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Define your sample population (who might take your survey), how you will administer the survey (on-line or paper surveys) (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Analyze your data and provide graphs of your analysis of responses to key survey questions.  Typically, students will make a bar, line or pie graph of the results of each survey question - one graph per survey question.  For each graph, include a short summary of your observations -- what you learned from analyzing the data for that questions (minimum 4 slides) - update from Activity 6
Provide a “to be” process flowchart that shows the process as it should be if your suggested improvements are implemented.  Compare the “as is” flowchart to the “to be” flowchart. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Provide a list of recommendations for improvement.  Provide the rationale for each, drawing on the interview and survey results.  Ensure that the recommendations are based on objective data (not just your opinion).  Discuss how the problems and symptoms identified at the beginning of the Practicum will be mitigated by your recommended actions. (minimum 2 slides) - update from Activity 6
Add an implementation plan and timetable. (2 slides)
Append a list of reference documents and any supporting materials. (minimum 1 slide) update from Activity 6
To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.

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