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Define The Anthropocene

Written Assignment: Define the Anthropocene


You must use in-text citations with a list of references at the end of the paper—the particular format you choose is not important, so long as it is consistent. You must complete this assignment by yourself and abide by the University of Miami Honor Code.  A digital copy of the assignment is due on 4/9 to be uploaded to the drop folder in the Blackboard Assignments tab. Late assignments will receive 10 points off.  Emailed assignments will receive half credit.


Geologists divide Earth’s history into various eons, eras, periods, and so forth.  For example, you’ve probably heard of the Jurassic. 


As we’ve discussed in class , the geologists who formally name these geological time periods are currently debating whether or not to assign a new geological time period called the Anthropocene—a current “Age of Humans”—and what marker in the rock and fossil record to use as the geological signal for the Anthropocene.


Your assignment is to write a 1000 word paper answering the following questions. 


Do you think the Anthropocene should be defined?


That is, do you think the Anthropocene is justifiable? Do you think that humans have had a large enough effect on the planet that we deserve a new geological epoch?  How does humankind’s impact on the planet compare to global changes associated with previous geological time periods?  Another way to think about this question is, In the future, will geologists be able to see a distinct change in the rock and fossil record associated with the appearance and spread of humans? Why or why not?


What historic or prehistoric event do you think marks the beginning of humankind’s impact on the planet?


Regardless of whether you think that the Anthropocene is justifiable, what do you think is the biggest impact that humans have had on the planet?  When did this impact begin, or begin to be significant?  Give the best date that you can.  Since “biggest impact” can be defined in many different ways (Longest lasting?  Irreversible?), you must justify your answer


What geological marker do you think scientists should use to mark the Anthropocene?


Again, regardless of whether you think that the Anthropocene is justifiable, what do you think will be the best geological marker of humankind? And what is the date associated with that marker?  That is, what observation or measurement in the rock record will tell a future geologist if they have an Anthropocene rock, and what will be the time that that rock formed?   Take into consideration the possible properties of a good geological marker. Does one marker have all of these properties, or do you may have to make trade-offs?  Defend your choice of marker: why is it better than other markers?  A highly visible marker may not correlate directly with the start of humans’ largest effects on the planet—you might consider whether this is relevant, or how close in time the marker should be to your start of the Anthropocene, or how globally synchronous the marker needs to be.


To get you started, here is a table of some (but not all) potential markers which may be formally considered.   This table is taken from a short scientific paper which I have posted on Blackboard.  The paper is a good start, and relatively short and simple, but be aware that there are plenty of articles for a general audience available online and you don’t have to read this particular paper.

Realism And Its Application

Realism was the first major international theory developed by modern political science and remains among the most influential. Realism is a powerful theory—simple and elegant, highly predictive—but it has major weaknesses, departures it cannot explain. All too often, decision-makers find it impossible to follow realist recommendations.
Essay Assignment Two is your chance to show your understanding and skill applying course readings on realist international relations theory and explaining the advantages and difficulties of applying realism to major international problems, showing what it does well, and what it does not do well.
Tasks with Directions
For this assignment, explain realism and apply it explain events in the Korea and/or Vietnam Wars. What does realism explain best? What does it explain worst? What does its rival explanatory strengths and weaknesses reveal about the nature of international affairs? Explain realism and apply it to illuminate case studies from Stoessinger, as explained in the essay guidance located in Blackboard > Submissions > Essay Two instructions.
Respond to all parts of the assignment, thoroughly covering the course readings, including explanations of their general themes and concepts, their specific application to assignment questions, and comparison of course readings.
Submission Guidelines
Submit your document to Blackboard > Submissions > Essay Two: Realism Applied.
Grading Evaluation Criteria
Essays will be marked primarily for explanation and application of assigned readings, and resolution of assigned questions.
Your essay needs a descriptive title and summarizing the introduction.
Formally cite all references to readings precisely, with a page number. Generally, the more citations, the better.
Use of brief quotations from class readings—with proper citations and explanations—is encouraged. Citations can be Chicago or MLA style.
Essays should be at least three single-spaced, typed pages.
Papers receiving the highest grades typically are at least four to six pages. There is no maximum.
Tips for Success
Submit a draft to get suggestions.
Show you mastered course readings. Re-read assigned articles for full comprehension. As you read, always look up any unfamiliar nouns: concepts, countries, events, people, etcetera. Write deductively; when introducing a reading, show you understand its most important themes, explain major themes from course readings—what are they all about—then apply those themes to the specific questions of the assignment. There is no tool as useful in composition as detailed outlining. The more you outline, the less you have to write.

Analysis Of Freedoms To Speech Firearms Or Religion

Freedoms to choose from- Speech, Firearms, or Religion (pick one and stick to it)

I want you to write on the notion of whether we are truly free or just shaving our rights away into socialism? I want you to answer and write to your views, NOT the instructor or anyone besides you. Please voice your feelings, emotions, and logic as if I am your supporter. My opinion, does not matter. Please follow the rubric and answer the questions with required/asked for materials to earn a great grade.

1. Search the Collin College Library for 2 journal articles discussing one of the freedom you chose. Please give a summery of each of them separately. Next, do they conflict each other? Do they appear to be pushing an agenda? Find one logical fallacy from each and was it effective/detrimental to the conclusion of their work and your opinion of the pieces?  2 Cited Sources

2. Find 2 newspaper articles on your subject that are recent enough to have covid affects. Please summarize each of them separately. Are the federal or state Government involved in controlling the right? How has covid affected this right? Has the political party system affected the right's use? Which one and how? 2 Cited Sources

3. Social media- find 2 social media content creators. Please present a post or video on the topic of your choosing in a summery for each separately. Find one logical fallacy in their work for each content creator. Was the logical fallacy effective or detrimental? Did the content creator attack a political party? Why? Was this content creator's speech controlled or removed from a previous platform? 2 cited sources

4. Your opinion- Is this freedom at risk from government and media businesses? Have recent events of covid, election, and social environment affected how you exercise this right? Do you find others around you unaccepting of your use of this right? How are outside influences of your life controlling this right? Do you find a need for a constitutional ruling or convention to fix the issue you might be facing? What would recommend to the Supreme Court or legislatures to protect your right? No Cited Sources required in this section.

Guidelines- 6 pages minimum, Must use in-text citation (I grade heavy here), Double spaced, entire piece must be in paragraph form, NO long direct quotes over 2 lines allowed (must summarize), Use APA style, No abstracts please, Must have a works cited page, Number the pages please, Title page and Works cited page are not part of the page count, and No students are allowed to work together on it.

Grading- -10 for missing pages, -30 for missing in-text citations at length, -3 missing a spot needing an in-text citation, -5 for Missing a works cited piece as requested of the 6 required, -2 for messed up citation, points subtracted for improperly or failing to address each section, Points subtracted for poor writing skill (usually -2), and -5 for not using page numbers and your name in Header/Footer of each page. I do not grade politically or push an agenda while grading (objective grading only).

Research On Presidential Impeachment Process Essay

A requirement for ENG101 by both the college and the state is that students write a formal research paper.
All ENG101 students will write a formal research paper that is at least 6 full pages not including the Works Cited page. This research paper will use the MLA Style for both formatting and documentation.
Here are the details:
    1    The research paper will need to be at least 6 pages long, not including the Works Cited page at the end. If you desire to go over the 6 pages, please ask your instructor. Instructors will vary in how much over the page limit students may go.
    2    The paper will have MLA Style for documentation of sources and formatting. Please refer to the resources located in this unit for assistance. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me individually by email with any questions you might have.
    3    Your instructor will provide guidance on the topic of this essay. Some instructors will allow great freedom in choosing topics, while others will limit topics or have a selection of topics to choose from. This freedom on topics will vary depending upon the instructor, so please ask your instructor if he or she does not make this clear.
    4    The paper will need to have a thesis to keep the paper focused and organized. Unit 3 explains how to develop the thesis and use it for an organization.
    5    Include a visual aid such as a picture, graphic, table, chart, etc. in the research paper and give credit to the source of this visual aid. In the six pages this assignment requires, the graphic should take up no more than one-half of one of those pages. (That really means 5.5 pages of writing with .5 of a page allowed for the visual aid). This visual aid requirement is to be in compliance with state guidelines for the class. 
    6    The paper needs to have at least 4 outside sources. At least half of the sources you use need to be non-internet. By non-internet, this means general web pages found through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. It is acceptable to use library sources that are accessed online, such as the college's system of OhioLINK and the EGCC Gateway. Please refer to the links below for assistance in accessing these library sources.
    7     The paper uses a formal, academic tone of voice.
    8     The paper is an original creation for this course session and not a reworking of any previous essay submission from any prior course experience.

Biopsychosocial (spiritual) Assessment

Last week, you identified rapid assessment instruments that could be utilized for screening/assessing a client that has the behavioral health issue that is related to your focus topic. You will now create a biopsychosocial (spiritual) assessment template that could be used for this special client population. Your submission will be in the form of a brochure.
Pretend you have been asked to create this assessment for a program that specializes in working with this client population. When creating your assessment, ask yourself: What standard information should be in their biopsychosocial (spiritual) assessment? What unique or specialized information should also be included? How much information should be gathered to be thorough, yet not overwhelm the client at the first session? (Keep in mind that sessions/appointments are typically one hour.) Your brochure should include the assessment plus important information based on these questions that would assist others in completing the assessment, then interpreting the results.
You may choose to incorporate the spiritual component if you believe it is beneficial/necessary, or you may omit it. For this assignment, be sure to include the following:
•    The biopsychosocial (spiritual) assessment template.
•    A brief explanation of how to use this template and justification for why you asked for particular information or chose certain elements or questions in your template.
Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.

Total Length: 4 pages, not including title and reference pages

Book Review Why The Confederacy Lost By Gabor S. Borittidentifies

The book review Why the Confederacy Lost by Gabor S. Borittidentifies
the thesis of the book and the author’s purpose in writing it. A book review then assesses the success of the author in arguing and supporting the thesis. A book
review will identify key evidence the author uses, as well as any he or she ignored. The book review must place the work in context and assess the degree to
which it is in agreement, or at odds, with the other scholarly work.The book review should include a minimum of four additional sources.

Triage Around The World

Read the article. Write a two-page (double-spaced) review of the information presented in the article. This is not an easy thing to do. So spend some time on it. Make sure to answer the following questions. What were they wanting to find? Why did they want to look at this? What did they find? What was interesting? What did you not understand? Basically evaluate the article, how you see fit!

Dunning Article

In your professional practice, you would much prefer always to act ethically, especially in the area of consent for treatment (see chapter 11). What type of supports or assurances within your work setting would enable you to act ethically with ″incompetent″ patients?

Law Enforcement Challenges

Explain what the USA Patriot Act stands for and discuss its primary purpose.
Summarize an article about a recent example of a hate crime on the Internet and include why it was a hate crime, the characteristics that made it a hate crime, and how the police and court responded to the hate crime.
Compare the characteristics of intelligence and investigation and describe how the information from each is used.
Use the Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to locate at least three quality references for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

US Census Population Clock

Open the following two links:
US Census Population Clock - []
World Meters - []
Find and record updated numbers for each of the following statistics and submit them through the assignment submission link above.
Current global population
Any changes to the list of 10 most populated countries from lecture
Global Growth Rate
Projection of population in 2050
Global population density
Current US population
Growth rate in the US
Percentage of Americans living in Urban areas
US population density

Wildfires And Climate Change And Solutions

writing the thesis and outline
The Working Thesis
In a succinct but detailed paragraph, sketch out your working thesis statement for the Advocacy Project. Keep the two main objectives of the Advocacy Project PromptPreview the document in mind:

introduce and evaluate one or more significant efforts to address the problem you described in your CP; and then
develop an argument about which of the efforts to address the problem work best, explain why, and offer possible next steps; OR make the case that none of the efforts to address the problem works, explain why, and offer possible next steps.
Unlike the CP, an expository essay that asks you to use your research to describe the problem, the AP requires you to stake out a clear position in a thesis statement that you must defend through deeply engaged research.

In your working thesis, present your argument as it stands right now. What possible solutions are you considering to respond to your problem? Which one are you arguing for, and why? (Consider bringing in the argumentative strategies of causation, coverage, cost/benefit, feasibility, and comparison), as well as concepts from Méndez's Climate Change from the Streets, including the idea of a multi-scalar approach. If you are arguing that none of the efforts work, use the same argumentative strategies to explain why.

If you're still unsure of what effort you might argue for, use your working thesis to begin to lay out the pros and cons of the various solutions you've uncovered so far.

Just as you did for the CP, create a detailed outline for your Advocacy Project as it stands right now.

As Chapter 5 of the AGWR notes, there are many different ways to create an outline, and how you organize the information will depend greatly on your personal thinking and writing style. You can write out short paragraphs or make use of section headings and bullet points--make indents and use different colors as fits your style.

Arrange this outline in whatever way makes the most sense to you. At the very least, your outline should:

Identify the controlling idea for each of your body paragraphs. Do your best to ensure that each body paragraph ties back to your working thesis.
Within each of those body paragraphs, identify the sources you might bring in to provide evidence to support the main idea of that particular paragraph (feel free to draw from your annotations and to bring indirect quotations here, if you'd like to).

VTS With Arbus Images

1) VTS with Arbus images -- free write

2) Write snapshots for image

3) Formal Analysis Model from Line Color FormAfficher un aperçu du document -- Reverse outline

4) Review assignment and structure

Compare and contrast 2 images of the same character from different versions/tellings of the story. Consider: What is the purpose of your comparison? What are we learning from it? What kind of "transformations" of the character are you discovering? And what does that imply/suggest/indicate/connote about their driving traits? Similar to our Grimm and Sexton analysis, but now with visuals.

Detailed guidelines:

Set up theme
Thesis about your particular comparison
Body paragraphs: At least 3, each focusing on one particular category of art (line, color, composition, subject, etc) and how the comparison of these two images supports the thesis. Analysis should include vocab like implies, suggests, conveys...
Conclusion: what more can you say, without being repetitive. What was the value of this? Reflect more on theme and takeaways
2-3 pages, double spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman

Identify And Describe A Specific Management Or Organizational Problem

Submit here by the required day and time.
5 ds pages, with additional pages for reference list.
12 point font, 1 inch margins, indent paragraphs, use a few subheadings please no extra spacing throughout paper
Proper citation format required (e.g. APA, MLA).
See additional guidance in module folder "Instructions...." (Review paper flow slide and assignment guidance).
Please do not bring evidence in from sources with direct quotes anywhere in the paper, translate into your own words always, to the extent possible, otherwise the paper will run into originality problems.
Please do not overuse any single reference source or piece of evidence in your paper, that also can and does lead to originality problems.  Diversify your citation evidence when making different points or justifying things in your paper.

I have put in a paper that is a sample and how it should look like and this kind of topic that it needs to be written about

Survival By The Numbers From OutdoorSafe Inc. By Peter Kummerfeldt

Write a multi-paragraph report explaining how Brian was successful and/or could have improved his situation if he had followed the steps provided in the article “Survival by the Numbers” from OutdoorSafe Inc. by Peter Kummerfeldt. Conclude the report by making a claim and providing clear reasons and evidence about the instructional value of Hatchet. Be sure to use proper grammar, conventions, spelling, and grade-appropriate words and phrases. Cite several pieces of textual evidence, including direct quotations and page numbers.

Patient Safety System Challenge

This is a Quality improvement class
See the attached case study on  Patient Safety System Challenge and write your scholarly response with supporting citations from your research to the questions.  At least 5 scholarly references should be included.

I added a pdf the book by were this question were case study originated from 9 chapt 4)
However, chapter 5 throws more light on the systems Model of Organizational Accidents ( mentioning the James reasons and latent error. Hope this helps

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