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The Purloined Letter

Dupin explains how he found the letter by comparing the principles of the Prefect and his team of police.  Dupin faults the Prefect’s failure to retrieve the letter from the Minister’s premises to, “they have no variation of principle in their investigations”.



Dupin uses the metaphor of the schoolboy to illustrate his own principles that differ from the Prefect.





What are some of the ways Dupin employs from the school boy story in his own application of recovering the purloined letter from the minister’s living quarters?





First, Dupin reasons based on his knowledge of the Minister being, “I know him, however, as both mathematician and poet” (10).





What are some other ways Dupin uses analytical reasoning and intuition to recover the purloined letter?





In other words, provide several examples of how Dupin applies the school boy principles.





Dupin relies more on intuition than on rationality.  He solves the crime by intuitively placing himself in the mind of the Minister.





What are the techniques or principles that the school boy and Dupin have in common?





In other words, match up the school boy principles with Dupin’s.





This is a comparison essay.  However, you still need to follow the essay structure highlighted in week 2 of the syllabus.





Format your essay by formulating a thesis.





Then formulate 3 separate topic sentences in 3 separate paragraphs. The focus of each topic sentence should be to prove your thesis.





Begin to prove your topic sentences with evidence from the school boy and Dupin’s strategies.  Best done in a comparison formatting to support your topic sentences’ discussions.



Air Pollution In Beijing China

SCC101 Research Paper

Final Report Due: Feb XX (Week 6)

Late papers will NOT be accepted.  Early ones will be accepted.

You will also prepare a 5 minute powerpoint presentation based on your research topic. Presentations will be given online during class in Week 6. You need to submit your presentation video on Blackboard.

You must submit your project research paper on Blackboard (or by email to your instructor). It should be a Word file.

The purpose of this Research Paper is to familiarize you with some current topics in the field of chemistry, particularly related to environmental issues.  This will also expose you to the experimental approaches and techniques routinely used during scientific investigations.  The research paper also represents an opportunity for you to explore an area of your own academic or professional interest.

Overall Format: Approx 7-10 pages, double spaced and with a 12-pt. Times Roman font. For figures, however, use font Arial.    



You must NOT copy and paste content from websites, books or journals. You must use your own words to discuss the content of the references that you use. Checks will be made for plagiarism and points deducted.

In fact, you can check this yourself!

Matching MUST be LESS THAN 20%.

Uploading the project report to SafeAssign does NOT mean that you have submitted it to your instructor. To submit your project report, you must upload it on BB under the Research Project tab.



Research paper topic (in Week 2):                  5 points

Research paper outline (in Week 4):               10 points

Research paper (in Week 6):                           50 points

Online Presentation (Week 6):                        25 points

Total:                                                               90 points


I. Research Paper Topic:  Choose a topic, and discuss it with your instructor. Look on Page 5 for possible topics.

II. Research Paper Outline:  Send an outline of the project to your instructor. What is the scope of the project? What are the objectives? How will you attempt to achieve the objectives? The outline should briefly consider the scientific problem related to your topic, the techniques used to analyze the problem and how the problem could be overcome. The outline should be no more than one page.

III. Research Paper:  See pages 2-4 for full details.

IV. Online Presentation:  These will be given during the online class in Week 6. You need to upload your powerpoint presentation on Blackboard under the Research Project tab.



The paper is in the form of a report and should include Headings and Sub-headings as described below. Your writing should be purposeful with the content being clear, fluent and organized.

The Research Paper should consist of the following sections:


I. Title: 

The title should represent a current and relevant topic of chemistry, particularly concerning an environmental issue.  Several possible research topics are provided at the end of this document. Alternatively you can think of a research topic of your own interest.  If you have your own idea, you should discuss it first with the Instructor.  Do not leave the selection of the topic until too late!

Some websites that you can get inspired to find a potential research topic (not the only ones of course):

Some possible sources of scientific information for your research paper:


II.  Background information:

The background information should provide a description about the chosen topic.  You should mention some historical information that is relevant to the topic (e.g., the involvement of a particular scientist, a historic moment, an important observation that led to a discovery, etc).  To provide a historical review of your topic, you should be able to synthesize in-depth information from various information sources. In this section you can define the scientific terms that are important and/or specific to your research topic (e.g.; Ozone layer is a layer in the stratosphere that absorbs the harmful UV radiation from the sun). Here you can also establish the environmental implication of your topic (e.g. if you are describing a chemical, this chemical may be relevant to atmospheric pollution).

III.  Discussion: 

This section forms the main body of the report. The Discussion should be divided into 3 parts:

A.         An outline or overview of the pertinent techniques and/or chemical reactions.
This part describes all the chemical reactions, catalysts, techniques and/or experiments that are relevant to your topic. If the reaction is a catalytic process, you can discuss the catalytic mechanism that speeds up the reaction. Since you are writing mainly about a chemical topic, in this part you can describe any scientific technique that is relevant to the study of your objective.  For example, if you are discussing CO2 levels in the atmosphere you could describe how current levels are monitored and how historical levels are determined. 

This part also incorporates all the relevant data in the form of graphs, tables, charts, etc that you think support your development of the topic.  It could be data from landmark experiments or milestone achievements or routine research. 

B. Identification of a current problem that is being faced on this topic

In this part, you should identify and discuss a current problem or the effects that are being faced with respect to your chosen topic. The problem should be related to Chemistry and Society or the Environment (e.g., Global warming). Why is solving this problem relevant? Your views should be insightful and clear.

C. A current solution to remedy the problem.

Finally, you should round out the topic by considering a current solution that is being implemented and exploited to remedy the problem. What are the positive aspects of this solution? Does it work? Does it lead to other problems?

IV Conclusions:

This section provides a summary of the previous sections. Show how the reactions, techniques, problem and solution discussed in section III relate to the topic and background information discussed in section II.

V.  References:

You must reference the source of your material. This means within the text, you must cite the referenced work, for example: Recently, efforts to reduce stratospheric ozone depletion have been connected with climate     

change in the troposphere [Molina et al, 2009].

The full reference must be given in the Reference section at the end of the paper, for example,


Mario Molina, Durwood Zaelke, K. Madhava Sarma, Stephen O. Andersen, Veerabhadran  

Ramanathan, Donald Kaniaru (2009). Reducing abrupt climate change risk using the Montreal   

Protocol and other regulatory actions to complement cuts in CO2 emissions. Proc. Natl. Acad.   

Sci. U.S.A. 106 (49):

All Figures that you use must be properly labeled with the Figure number, title and reference of where you obtained the figure, for example,

Figure 3. Emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels during the last 200 years [Marland et al, 2007]
You should reference at least three sources of information for your work. For example, two of these references could be citations of the sources of the problem and solution in the Discussion section. You should include at least one book and one journal article. Please use the American Chemical Society (ACS) format for accepted referencing practices:


or you could consult:


Submit your chosen topic by email to your instructor BEFORE the end of Week 2.

1. Atmospheric pollutants – CFC’s, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, etc.

2. Nuclear power, nuclear fission and waste.

3. How scientists determine that the carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere has increased.

4. Air pollution in Beijing, China.

5. Climate Change

6. Investigations of local issues like Newtown creek or Hudson river oil pollution.

7. Detection and estimation of organic pollutants in seawater.

8. The Biological effects of anti-inflammatory or pain killing medications (or other drugs of your choice).

9. Fracking.

10. Pesticides in Foods.

11. Biofuels.

12. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

13. Parabenes, Phthalates, Dyes and other Toxic Chemicals used in consumer products.

14. COVID-19 Pandemic

Note:  You can think of other topics, but make sure to consult with your Instructor and obtain their authorization.

Op-Ed About Whether You Agree With The Increasing Federal Minimum Wage From $7.25 To $15?

• Should be within the topic , select concrete examples from own personal experience, observations from at least two interview with people who are unknown with the topic. Then decide on thesis, support and tone that will be best for the topic.

• Express opinion (must be arguable) with logical reasons and examples.

• Need separate detailed notes from interview.

• Argument must be of own ideas and experience and your interview.

• Focus should not be in the interview but in the concrete examples, you can use from them to prove your opinion.

• Be sure to put the interview in context by formally introducing the interviewee at the beginning of example and explaining how this example fits with points of the paragraph.

• Longest quote should be a sentence or two at the maximum.

• Need a separate rough draft for the essay that should be submitted for review in writing excellence centre.

Week 8: Practicum Activity 8

Practicum Final PowerPoint

Finalize your Performance Improvement PowerPoint. Incorporate the feedback you received from fellow students in the Week 7: Discussion. Add an implementation plan and timetable.

Submit your final version of your PowerPoint presentation of at least 20 slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint format is preferred, including standard themes and layouts.  The presentation must contain the following:

Title slide (course name and number, topic of presentation, student name, date) (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Table of Contents. (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Identify the organization to be analyzed. Verify who authorized access for you to perform this analysis. (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Summarize your understanding of the current situation for the selected area.  Clearly state the symptoms of the problem, who is involved, and how you will know if your performance improvement suggestions are successful. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
List your interview questions (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Identify who you interviewed - organization roles or positions, not names (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Present your analysis of the interviews by listing the most common responses or areas of discussion that you thought were particularly relevant (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Prepare an “as is” process flowchart that shows the current process, highlights the problem areas, and identifies the key participants. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
List your survey questions or insert a screen capture or picture of your survey. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Define your sample population (who might take your survey), how you will administer the survey (on-line or paper surveys) (1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Analyze your data and provide graphs of your analysis of responses to key survey questions.  Typically, students will make a bar, line or pie graph of the results of each survey question - one graph per survey question.  For each graph, include a short summary of your observations -- what you learned from analyzing the data for that questions (minimum 4 slides) - update from Activity 6
Provide a “to be” process flowchart that shows the process as it should be if your suggested improvements are implemented.  Compare the “as is” flowchart to the “to be” flowchart. (minimum 1 slide) - update from Activity 6
Provide a list of recommendations for improvement.  Provide the rationale for each, drawing on the interview and survey results.  Ensure that the recommendations are based on objective data (not just your opinion).  Discuss how the problems and symptoms identified at the beginning of the Practicum will be mitigated by your recommended actions. (minimum 2 slides) - update from Activity 6
Add an implementation plan and timetable. (2 slides)
Append a list of reference documents and any supporting materials. (minimum 1 slide) update from Activity 6
To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.

Memo From An Expert

Memo from an Expert
the monument we are talking about at this time is the
please do some reading of the accident of the fire in 1995
this accident was caused 4 firefighters death.
please let me know if you want me to provide any of the summary of the story!

What was it like, to be you, in this place, in this time, doing this work?
In this paper, you will write up your research findings and your experience of getting to know the monument. This is an individual paper so, although the research might have been collaborative, you are focusing on making your own connections between place, experience, and argument.

Things to make sure and include in this paper:
A reflective description of what it was like to research the monument: what kinds of research you performed, and how that felt. How was your process disrupted by the pandemic? What kinds of research did the pandemic foreclose - or, perhaps, make possible? How did this historical context change or contribute to your understanding of the monument?
A summary of the research, in particular as it relates to your own focus and findings.
An argument that matters:  out of your research, develop an argument about the importance of the monument (it might be that it doesn't have importance - take the argument where it needs to go, but make it). What does it mean socially, historically, politically? What stories does it tell or obscure? Why does this matter?
Tone/Style: Informal Academic
Think back to Tiya Miles' style in Tales of the Haunted South, and how she wove personal, embodied experience and history alongside her academic research. You're trying to strike the same balance here of academic (you've done your research!) but also reflective and engaging.

Paper should be 3-5 pages long, double-spaced, MLA formatting. Please include a Works Cited page (does not count towards page count). You are also welcome to include images, named as "Fig 1," "Fig. 2," and referenced in your text as such. They also do not count towards the page count.

Drama: Trifles By Susan Glaspell,

Write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs about the historical context or setting of the drama  Trifles by Susan Glaspell, and why the main character of this drama was at the mercy of societal forces for his/her problems to be resolved. The main character of any drama is that character that bears the drama's overall or grand conflict.

Careful not to give a history lesson on the setting or to simply relate the events of the plot or summarise the story. State the context(s) you are working with and analyse how they are important to the story/characters and how it influences them.

Deliver Bad News

Write a document in business format that persuasively communicates the benefit change to employees in a way that reduces resistance and increases understanding for the rationale. Please see attached documents. Please read delivering bad news for assignment details.


you will assume the role of Sam Dawkins, Human Resource Manager at Rizeo, a moderate-size manufacturing organization that produces plastic storage containers. This (fictitious) organization is located in rural Kentucky and employs 1,100 full-time employees.

Scenario: To reduce expenses, your organization has elected to keep their current health insurance provider, but eliminate their use of the most popular plan, that included a lower deductible. The old plan had a $1,500.00 deductible, whereas the new plan has a 3,000 dollar deductible. This change, while one of many made by the organization, is projected to save the company a large but unspecified amount of money (effective first of the year).

Receivers: Like any manufacturing plant, Rizeo has a diverse group of employees. Yet, statistically, the largest group of employees falls within the 50-64 year old demographic. Rumors are circling that some employees will quit if this change is made, but leadership believes that limited employer alternatives in the small rural town make this outcome unlikely. To make matters more complicated, your parent company, who purchased the plant without any immediate changes last year, is rumored to be making an unannounced visit to conduct a comprehensive survey of employee engagement and the plant’s culture.

DO NOT USE THINGS that will undo the significance of the message (e.g., you cannot say, “this change is just temporary and thus it will go away soon”).

Socialogy Task: Social Classes Discussed By Karl Marx

This objective will explain the links between social classes discussed by Karl Marx (Proletariat, Bourgeoisie) and its relation to crime and deviance. This objective includes a power point presentation assignment (Serial Killers) Each student will choose from a list of serial killers (from instructor) and complete the assignment.

Crime & Deviance Assignment In my opinion, this individual (Aileen Wournos; Jeffery Dahmer, Andrei Chikatilo, David Berkowitz , Wayne Williams, Edmund Kemper John Wayne Gacy) is a victim, murderer, psychopath OR ALL THREE. Please define what a MURDERER VICTIM or PSYCHOPATH is and be able to support your opinion. Please make sure you use ONE OF THE THREE MAIN SCHOOLS OF SOCIOLOGICAL THOUGHT AND USE EXAMPLES OF WHY YOU CHOSE THAT SCHOOL OF THOUGHT.


if there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!!! (334) 603-1783 THIS IS AN online submission ASSIGNMENT. Please refer to the link section of canvas in order to view the correct videos associated with this assignment. Please do not deviate from these reputable sources, UNLESS you cite a reputable source that you have used. Aileen Wuornos gone insane Aileen Wournos Jeffery Dahmer Andrei Chikatilo David Berkowitz Wayne Williams Edmund Kemper John Wayne Gacy

Literature: Drama

Write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs about the historical context or setting of the drama  Trifles by Susan Glaspell, and why the main character of this drama was at the mercy of societal forces for his/her problems to be resolved. The main character of any drama is that character that bears the drama's overall or grand conflict.

Careful not to give a history lesson on the setting or to simply relate the events of the plot or summarise the story. State the context(s) you are working with and analyse how they are important to the story/characters and how it influences them.

Summary Essay

Article Summary Assignment: (2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12 font, MLA style  need to
include a works cited page
. The one mistake
students make with this assignment is that they summarize the story or poem or play. That is NOT
what you are supposed to do; you need to read the article ABOUT the story or poem or play and
summarize the article.
The assignment itself has TWO parts (but submit as all one document):
1. First, you need to write a summary of the article you have read. Be sure to use quotation
marks whenever you use the author’s words directly. You will need a works cited page as
well, but as the entire first part is a summary, you do not need to document every paragraph.
Keep in mind, when summarizing, that you should keep quoting to a minimum. Use
quotations only when absolutely necessary.
2. The second part is your evaluative response. Share what you think about the article. Is it
convincing? What does it make you think about? Is it useful? Would you recommend
others read this? This section (which will probably be shorter than the summary) should
simply share your thoughts about the article you read.

Discuss Abiotic Factors That Influence Ecosystem

Session 2 Ecosystem Paper
Observe an ecosystem, either in your backyard, a natural area within a city, a park, or another place outdoors. Take note of plant and animal life (that includes looking for traces of animals such as scat, hair, footprints, etc.). Then write a 1-2 page paper that includes the following listed points. It is required that you apply information from your reading and research in your ecosystem description with support from a minimum of two sources.
Describe the location you chose to observe and discuss the abiotic factors that influence the ecosystem.
What components of a food web or food chain did you observe? 
What populations did you observe (or have observed) in the ecosystem?
Describe the community or communities that exist.
What interactions did you observe or might exist within the ecosystem: Provide specific examples for the following interactions:
symbiosis (parasitism, mutualism, commensalism)

Argumentative Essay

Write an argumentative analytical essay focusing on three elements of fiction at work in a story from one of the four story choices.

Toni Cade Bambara “The Lesson” (pp. 248-254)

Louise Erdrich “Love Medicine” (pp. 279-295)

William Faulkner “A Rose for Emily” (pp. 295-302)

John Updike “A & P” (pp. 382-387)

Your thesis should be creative, critical, and relatable to some aspect of the human condition.

Page length: no less than three and no more than six double-spaced pages in a 12-point font.

The text of your investigation should have at least two correctly presented supportive citations (quotes) per paragraph with lead-in sentences and explanations relating them to your thesis, or primary argument.

Your entire essay should be presented in standard college-level rhetorical format (more to come on this requirement).  A clear Signal Phrase (sentence introducing story title and author name).

A correct Work Cited entry of your story from our anthology should come at the end of your essay.

An interesting and appropriate title should head your essay, and the entire essay should be presented correctly in current Modern Language Association (MLA) format.

International And Cross-Cultural Negotiations

International negotiation is different.  The author of the course text noted that two overall contexts exist, environmental and immediate, that have an influence on international negotiations.  The author lists fourteen factors that should be understood to grasp the complexity of international negotiations.  For this assignment, you will write a paper in APA format, including an introduction and conclusion, focusing on international negotiations.  Address the following and include a heading for each of the topics:
According to the author of the course text (pp. 244-249), what makes international negotiation different? Of the 14 mentioned in the text, select what you consider the most important five for this topic.  Use subheadings to identify each of the five.
It is important to understand central values and norms and how they influence negotiations.  Discuss Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions, as presented in the course text.  How might each of the four dimensions in his study assist you in preparing for negotiations with negotiators from other cultures?  Each of the four dimensions should be a sub-heading.

Psychology And Education : Psychology

Neuroscience leadership studies is a relatively new field of scholarship. Choose and discuss at least two recent findings in the field of neuroscience and expressways in which these can be incorporated into one leadership style

Law : Criminal Justice

From the perspective of the Criminal Justice system, including ethical issues and the perspectives of the victims - Critically analyse the following issue:


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