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Lucian, Erotes, Trans. M. D. Macleod: Greek Concepts Of Gender And Sexuality

answer these questions during the essay:

What does Lucian&rsquo's remarkable story about lithophilia tell us about Greek concepts of gender and sexuality?   What does it say about attitudes towards the gods or religion?

Neuron In The Brain

It should include a half-page introduction, 3 pages forming the body of the paper, and a half-page conclusion. Finally, the last page will consist of a reference page that will include a minimum of 6 journal articles, and 1 citation from a book (do not use your lab manual). The paper cannot include ANY quotations

Nurse Theorist Paper

Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring
After reviewing the articles, compose an APA paper summarizing the Nursing Theorist’s Theory and its significance to the nursing profession.
Citations must be formatted according to APA guidelines. Keep in mind only 20% of a paper can include citations. You must write 80% of the paper.

Differences And Similarities Between Plant And Animal Cells

my topic is on differences and similarities between plant and animal cells. i need a hook that will grab the readers attention.(preferably a story about the cells) then i need background info. i already have a thesis so you don′t need to worry about that. next i need an body paragraph on the differences between their structures. cell wall, chloroplast, all that jazz. then a paragraph on the functions of the two. like making their on food and stuff. then i need like a 4-5 sentece conclusion

Religion And The Pure Principles Of Morality: The Sure Foundation On Which We Must Build - Teaching

The blog post will most likely be a response to the readings, to one of the videos or songs. Or, it could perhaps be a response to the last class discussion. The goal is to read, view, or listen to this content and think about what they mean and how they relate to the theme of the course. What did you think about the arguments? Did you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Did something in the pieces surprise you? Or was there something you did not understand? Did you have something you found in the text that you wanted to discuss further? All of this is fair game. You can also bring in material that was not in the readings and resources from current events or social media if you think it enriches the blog by relating to the question of Black Religion.

Also Note to get some 3-4 vocabulary from the reading and explain them in your own words and how it helps you understand the readings

*Harriet Tubman episode, Underground
*Benjamin E. Mays and Joseph Nicholson, “The Genius of the Negro Church”
*Martin Luther King,Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Explore How Education Could Be All Those Things To Westover And Her Family.

Write 4-5 typed, double-spaced pages (1300-1500 words), plus a Works Cited page (a 5th or 6th page). Use MLA Format for your heading and page numbering.
Your essay should include several MLA-formatted, parenthetically-cited quotations from Educated. Use your judgment to choose and reflect upon a number of quotations that will help you support your thesis. Your primary task is to analyze the memoir Educated, but you must also include at least one quotation from a secondary source. A secondary source might be an article or any related resource mentioned in class or located on our class' web page. You might include a statistic from the Library database Statista or define a term from one of the specialized encyclopedias in Gale eBooks. Be sure to cite any secondary source(s) in MLA format.
Please use a standard font (i.e., Times New Roman in size 12) and one-inch margins.
Submit the essay to by the due date & time.
Late work will not be accepted.

Thesis: What does it mean to be educated? Tara Westover concludes the book with the idea that what she calls “education” others might call “transformation” and metamorphosis” or even “falsity” and “betrayal” (329). Explore how education could be all those things to Westover and her family.

Native American Film Brief Summary And Discussion Of One Key Aspect

1) A brief summary of the assigned materials. What are the most important points in the text or film? What is the author’s main argument?
2) Discussion of one key aspect of the text(s) or film(s). Pick out one thing that stuck out to you as you were reading and discuss it. How does it relate to what we have been discussing in class? Does it highlight a different point of view or reiterate things we have already discussed? Do you agree or disagree with it (this should be an informed analysis based on course readings, not your personal opinion)? Does this text speak to any other texts we have discussed? This should comprise the bulk of your paper. Remember: analysis, not a book report.
3) Two or three discussion questions that arise from the text. Do not ask for explanations of things you could easily look up. Discussion questions should make you think critically and analytically about the course material. These questions can
– and often should – be longer than a single sentence.

The paper should discuss the following above.
The movie "The Searchers (Dir. John Ford; 1956; 1hr. 59mins)" has to be watched because this paper will be on it.
I will attach the readings required for the class which need to be discussed about within the paper.
PLEASE reach out to me by email if the instructions are unclear

Letter From Birmingham Jail

Important Instructions:
Total reading article from 410-425
- Thesis has to be clear
- Topic sentences have to clear
- You can use one or two quotes per paragraph
- Each paragraph must states Dr. King's strategy
- Use in-citation and outsources (only the reading material I have provided)
- 4 full pages ( not less or not more) in MLA format, Times New Roman, 12 fonts
- I am a sophomore in college

Health Care And Life Sciences : Health Care Presentation

Please help me to write the speech for our quality of health course. We need to prepare a 10-15 mins presentation about an article (any topics) related to quality of health/quality improvement. I chose this article and you should write the presentation script about this article focusing discussing quality of care/quality improvement. You don't need to do the slides as I need to submit the slides early within this week. I’ll adjust my slides based on your script. If you find that you need to write more than 2 pages (for 10-15 mins presentation), I'll place an extra order to compensation you!

Reminder: This is for healthcare quality class and you can focus more on what the instructor might think is a good presentation!

Nicholas Care- Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Must agree or disagree Must have a clear, singular thesis Must use proper MLA citations Must have a work cited MLA format Must show revision from first final draft Must be clear and logical with proper transitions

Medications: Review Warfarin And Heparin Therapy.

Question 1: Review warfarin and heparin therapy. What are adverse effects to this type of treatment? How would you reverse these drugs? Question 2: What lab values will you monitor for warfarin and heparin therapy? What are the normal values? Question 3: Why is penicillin such a high risk drug? How would you identify a penicillin allergy? Question 4: What medications share a cross sensitivity with other antibiotics and cannot be given in the event of an allergy? Question 5: What adverse effects of antibiotics would you see for penicillin, tetracycline, and aminoglycosides? What nursing actions would you take in the event of an allergic reaction?

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