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Experienced Accounting and Finance Writer needed

Posted On Apr 24 2021


If your business depends on its online reputation, then you know how significant credibility is to your success. Hiring an experienced accounting and finance writer goes a long way to exploit your company’s online branding potential.

So, What Does a Financial Writer Do?

Before we dig into the vital skill set and educational qualifications, it's important to define a financial writer's actual task. As the name suggests, financial writers create market commentary and educational content for digital publications. Blog posts, social media posts, and commentary pieces usually allow writers to provide their own opinion regarding business news or corporate matters such as trends in executive compensation or earnings releases.

Content can range from countless financial topics to comprehensive guidelines or textbooks assigned to college students to read.

Most companies or financial publishers hire financial writers to work remotely and submit their work online; however, the writers can also be hired as employees who work on-site in other scenarios. And unlike other jobs throughout America, it’s not certainly a nine-to-five “clock punching” job. It’s very common for writers to work late nights or on weekends.

Becoming a Finance Writer

Since you now have some profound insight into a finance writer's task, let's take a look at some of the qualifications to become a finance writer.

  • Education

In contrast to other financial careers, there are no relevant set of rules regarding education. Companies and publications tend to vary in their preferences. However, in most cases, it seems that majority of financial writers have a four-year college degree and have either majored in digital media, journalism, or business-related discipline. Others have also taken classes through online training providers or attended conferences and seminars for stellar writing skills.

Is a master’s degree essential? Well, in most cases, no. However, having a master's degree in economics, finance, journalism, or management can set you apart, allowing you to demand higher pay at high-profile publications.

  • Experience

If you look at some financial writers' profiles online, you’ll notice most of those writers have relevant experience in the securities industry. More precisely, they may have had preceding experience, having worked as either an institutional broker or retail, a portfolio manager or an analyst. This may include experience on both the sell-side and the buy-side of investing. Others may have had prior experience working with renowned financial companies either as accountants, producers, reporters, editors, or junior writers.

To make it clear, anyone without experience in journalism or the securities industry can still become a finance writer. But developing a loyal following, producing content, and getting hired is harder for writers without this experience. Finance writers can yield pieces more effectively (and faster) when drawing from education and personal experience.

Finance writers without these qualifications will have to perform wide research, and in other cases, liaise without individuals in the industry to generate quality, unique content.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Writer for Accounting Topics

Accounting covers a number of areas, from filing taxes to management accounts, business consultancy, preparing business plans, and personal financial services. Whether you need a long-form white paper highlighting the newest FASB requirements or a quick blog post on tax subjects, a professional accounting writer got you covered.

Why Should You Hire an Accounting Writer?

There are myriad reasons to hire a professional writer for your business’s content. However, it’s specially when you’re discussing accounting topics.

If you’re not familiar with accounting yourself, it’s essential to seek a professional writer’s service who can create a level of expertise for your projects, which you’ll hardly find working with general writers.

Professional writers will enable you to focus on what you do best: assisting your customers. Let a professional content writer focus on producing notable content, knowing you can rely on their expertise to get the job done right.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Freelance Writer?

Unfortunately, not all small businesses have the financial flexibility to hire full-time accounting freelance writers. But if you do have the funds to do so, here are the benefits of hiring a professional accounting writer:


Bad writing looks unprofessional. Copy littered with misplaced punctuation, poor typos, and grammar says one thing about your business- neglect. If you're not bothered to proofread, your customers will question your business as well as your attitude. How will they be sure that you'll pay attention to other sections of your work?

While general writers write anything that comes their way, professional accounting writers are experts in a precise niche- accounting. Thus, you can be sure they’ll deliver accurate content promptly. Professional accounting freelance writers can turn dull content into something captivating- one that truly apprehends your brand’s tone of voice. Therefore, if you’re serious about a solid customer impression on your accounts, consider seeking an experienced accounting writer’s service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you don’t have professional full-time writers on your staff, chances are your blog posts, and website content rewrites are afterthoughts.  SEO is an important feature of quality writing that enables search engines to locate your content and heighten it on top of search results. This ensures more traffic to your site hence more clients leading to high revenue.

To make the most of SEO, you often need to update your blog and website with quality information. A professional accounting freelance writer will ensure all your accounting content are well-written with quality information.

Website Trust

A professional service ought to have a considerable amount of rapport and trust with its clients. A professional accounting writer will produce more appealing content for your readers. They will trust your words and may likely hire your services in the future.

Conversion Rate

This refers to the number of readers who ultimately purchase products from your site or enlist your services. This is the ultimate goal of quality content, and to achieve this goal, you’ll need a professional accounting freelance writer.

How do Proficient Writers Work?

Freelance writing may vary from a full-time job to casual blogging or a part-time job. Experienced writers can be employed as freelance or full-time-in-house writers. These writers can work on long-term projects such as creating blogs for businesses or on one-time projects like technical writing to create an assembly or manual instructions.

For full-time or long-term work, professional writers liaise closely with the marketing team to create content weekly or on a daily basis. Most marketing teams make use of a content calendar to trail content during the creation process. Content calendars ensure team members are at par and writers are informed precisely when drafts are due, and the exact time they will be edited and posted.

Besides, professional writers use their knowledge and expertise to help you increase traffic to your blog or business website. They are often in charge of general SEO practices and keyword research, where they identify information that consumers usually search and write content based on consumer’s needs. Professional writers also use analytics to determine how well different content types perform.

Their workplace environment, however, tends to be slightly different. It depends on whether they are freelancers or in-house employees.

Freelancers can work from any part of the world and usually have home offices. Others take their windows or Mac computers and work from co-working spaces and coffee shops. These writers can work from Chicago or New York one week and Los Angeles or Canada the next. Their freedom enables them to focus and be creative but also makes having a good communication tool and content calendar important to the success of a company.

On the other hand, in-house writers usually are full-time employees who work with marketing departments in business offices. They receive standard salaries and other benefits, whereas freelancers are paid per piece.

If you want to hire writers, it's good to look at both in-house and freelance options to determine what can work well for your business. Some businesses can hire abroad, while others need US-based writers for tax purposes.

Whatever your specific or business needs, make sure to perform thorough research before settling for freelancers or in-house writers.

Finding Professional Writers: Real, Vetted Writers

Getting the right experienced finance and accounting writers is often considered a predicament. Especially when it comes to selecting from a pool of writers. Finding a self-published author is not similar to finding crafty bloggers or part-time freelance writers. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can use to get the perfect writers for your needs.

Not all businesses need a Bachelor’s degree writer to craft relevant content for them. However, as earlier discussed, having a degree can somewhat set you apart, especially if the company’s gear or products require deep knowledge. For other businesses, some writing courses or a high school diploma may be enough.

In general, always ensure writers have some experience before hiring them. They should have no difficulties producing samples to analyze for accuracy, voice, and knowledge base. Today, with advanced technology, you can make use of websites for employing writers to simplify the search part. Simply key in the basic criteria that you want to be met, and the site will search through an internal database for writers that suit your needs.