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How to write an Essay fast

Posted On Jun 02 2021

Time always seems to compete with you on delivering your assignment on time. It is something that most students have attested to, not being able to be on time with their assignment. Deadlines are another thing that seems to scare most students as most have little time in their hands are not able to achieve much with the juggling from work to class to family and whatnot.  Having an Essay on time may not be a challenge handing in a perfect Essay on time may pose a challenge concerning what you need to have in your Essay. You may have the Essay on time, but you may miss the mark due to the several classes you have failed to attend on time. Having the perfect Essay in a limited time is doable and attainable; you have to be sure of what you are putting down in your Essay with the needful research.

Some tips will guide you on having the perfect Essay in a limited time. You have to be keen on your sentences, grammar, and the kind of research needed for the Essay. The simple dos and don’ts will have you attaining and meeting your deadlines with the correct Essay in hand. Be sure to plan for the task you will go through by being calm, and have collected thought towards the essay.



You will need a plan for your Essay to fall on. As we all know, failing to plan is a recipe for failure. Have your plan from the top of the day; be sure to have a settled mindset ready to tackle the question at hand.

Time comes first; you have to know how much time you are willing to sacrifice to have the essay ready. Know how much time will be spent on researching on the Essay and laying a solid foundation for the essay. If you plan to spend an entire day doing the Essay you have to be sure the amount of reduced disruption. Time is of essence no matter how limited it is know what needs to get done in a specific time frame will guide in the right path of having your Essay on time. Set the time to have the body of the Essay in good shape with relevant information to offer and not forgetting to set aside time to go through your Essay; this is another crucial part of Essay writing.

Your mindset; have enough rest, to clear thoughts on how to answer your Essay question. You will need a healthy breakfast which will act as fuel for your brain throughout the period. Be sure to hydrate now and then to keep you refreshed as you get down on the Essay.

Interruption-free; as you plan to get down on your essay, a befitting environment with minimal to no disruption will be of great help to you. Be sure to switch off all social media as it is the highest source of disruption. Aside from having a collected mindset, you need to know what will be of use to you to have the Essay in great shape. You will need to set up space away from any noise disruption which may interrupt your thoughts which is something you do not need. Have your working space clear of any disruptions with the right amount of light and away from dust. Your surroundings should support your line of thoughts to encourage you to think out of the box.

Outlining of your thoughts; planning for your Essay writing also encompasses outlining your Essay. Every Essay has a structure that makes going through it much easier and encompassing. An outline in place will have you know where you are going and what to have down on your Essay as you type. The outline will help you arrange your thoughts on a piece of paper. As you structure your thoughts, be sure to go through sample Essays that offer guidance on what the Essay question requires from you. With the random thoughts on paper, you will be able to connect them into a line that is more sensible giving you a clear structure of your Essay. Outlining will be of great help with the structuring of your Essay as it gives you a guide of what should come before the other. Perfect planning of your Essay will have you complete it in the shortest time with the needed discipline.



Research is wide, and to avoid unnecessary searches you will need to understand your Essay question; this will help achieve your Essay in the shortest time possible. A good Essay has to be intensively researched with the inclusion of the necessary information for the Essay. If you do not have enough time, you have to set time aside to have research done extensively on the Essay question at hand.

Go for Google Scholar for your research work; this will make it easier instead of having you go through tons of books in search of answers.  When we talk about research we do not necessarily mean going through tons of books in search of the right information, with the adverse improvement in technology you could easily make use of Wikipedia or Google Scholar that offer so much information in a short period.

Use the internet to your advantage to have your essay ready in the shortest time possible. When going online searching for answers, you do not limit yourself to the given words in the question; you have to know the right keywords to collect the needed information for your essay. For your research to be informative, you have to know the specific information without the need to delve into it too much. Go straight to the point with your research ensuring you get the needful information for your essay. Be sure not to get distracted with the ton of information on Google which may not be relevant to your Essay.

The downside of the internet is that there is too much information which may be irrelevant to your Essay question. In your research, you have to be sure you do not get out of topic, be sure to go through the question at hand carefully to understand what the examiner is seeking. Do not miss the point by adding tons of irrelevant information to your Essay. Understanding the question as the examiner will help you a lot in your research as you are aware of what you are looking for. Go through the question more than a couple of times if need be to have a clear understanding of what the examiner is seeking in your Essay. With solid research on the topic in place, you will be sure to give a competitive Essay with the needful information.


Get Down Writing

For some, it may be a bit challenging and demanding to get time to sit and have the Essay done for unknown reasons. Despite the reasons at hand, the Essay still has a deadline to beat and you have to hand it in time. The planning and the effort put into the research task; should not worry you much as you are conversant with the examiner is in search of.

Make use of the line of thoughts on the piece of paper to guide you on how to begin. The line of thoughts in place may not be enough on its own and it is the reason you had to invest time on the research of the topic in question. Going through sample Essays on the topic will guide you on how to begin, be sure to avoid all temptations of copy-pasting your assignment. The sample Essays are to guide you and not for you to copy.

Confidence is something you will need to invest in when getting to write your Essay. Confidence in yourself is the key for you to relay all the information gathered on the topic. Believe you are the best to deliver an Essay worth going through and giving an insight into the topic in question. Remember to have in mind the limited time for you to hand in your Essay.

Think out of the box for your essay to stand out from the crowd. The ability to come up with a good Essay in a short time will need you to think out of the box. The same way you went online in search of information so did the other ten students in your class did and there is nothing wrong with that. You do not have to worry about being straight to the point either, have your sentences clear and short; this will make your Essay easy to understand and interpret if need be.

Give your Essay a personal touch by simply paraphrasing your research work; this will be of great help with plagiarism and giving the examiner a chance to interact with you on paper. You need your Essay to stand out from the crowd and for that reason you have to personalize your Essay. Make it interesting by making sure your introduction into the Essay will lure your examiner into the body of the Essay.

The structure of your Essay should be able to guide the examiner carefully to understand your argument clearly with you providing the needed proof. The body in your essay has to bring out the argumentative part of it and show the evidence available in support of your points. Structure out your essay body by making use of bullets to list out points. The first sentence in a paragraph should be enough for the reader to know what it will entail, making it easy for the examiner to understand you better. The last part of your Essay which is the conclusion should explain the whole Essay in a couple of sentences without missing out on the crucial points; it is generally a recap of the whole essay. Your Essay should not only be informative but also entertaining for the examiner. Be sure to include citations into your essay and mentions too.


Introduction and Conclusion

We save the best for the last, in this case, your Essay introduction and conclusion should be the best part of your Essay. Having your Essay body in place, the introduction will have to highlight what the body is all about. It is the highlight of your Essay as it comes in the beginning. You need to be clear in what you have in the introduction bit as this will guide the examiner into the body of your Essay.  The examiner will be aware of what to expect in the body of your essay by simply going through your introduction.

Brief and straight to the point is what is expected of your introduction. You could have up to two hundred words for the introduction part depending on the kind of essay.  A long introduction of your essay may end up missing the crucial points of the whole essay. The introduction of your essay has to be brief and straight to the point. It does not have to be boring as you can also personalize it to your liking to fit into the essay. As stated earlier, the introduction is the highlight of your essay; it is the determining factor of whether the examiner will be intrigued to go into the body of your essay. Getting the introduction part right, will have the examiner going through your well-outlined and researched essay. Get your introduction with needful information that will help the examiner transition into the body of the essay smoothly.

A recap of your essay stands at the conclusion bit of it. Your conclusion ought to have the right pointers of the essay put across. The conclusion part of your essay should stand out despite being the final bit of the essay. Pick the right pointers of your essay to have them in the conclusion. The conclusion should briefly explain the whole essay. You also have the chance to personalize the conclusion by picking a side and defending it by providing evidence. The right words will guide the examiner to know what all about the essay and why you had to pick a side to defend. You should also leave room for more research on the topic by having a rhetoric question at the end of your essay. Your conclusion should provide for an extensive search on your paper. A solid introduction and conclusion will have your essay solid backing.


Word Count

Every essay in question will come with a particular word count to achieve. As you get down to writing your essay you will need to ensure your point is put across before thinking of the word count. Word count is also a crucial part of your essay writing. Failing to attain the needed word count may have you flopping in your essay.

Intensive research of the essay question will guide you on the number of words in your essay. You have to be sure the major points concerning the essay question are brought out more clearly and legibly to enable the examiner to understand you. Research in the topic will guide you on the number of words to have in place. Be straight to the point as you support your argument and be sure not to have unnecessary information in your essay.

There is no need to panic in case you do not make the word count as this is not something out of the norm. There are instances where the essay may not attain the needed word count, do not panic as all is in your essay. As you go through your essay, pick a particular point that you may feel it is not entirely explained and expound on it. Make use of paraphrasing in your essay which will increase the number of words and lets you personalize the essay. Paraphrasing your texts will have you avoid plagiarism which could land your essay into the dustbin. Your findings should not be limited to the textbooks or Google you should give your side of the argument with evidence to support it. It will build up your word count without you even noticing it. You may need to be wordier if you are not yet able to attain the word count, and precise when beyond the word count, be sure to give the relevant information concerning the topic.

There also instances where you may exceed the required word count. You will need to decide on what is relevant to retain in your essay whilst you get rid of the irrelevant information. Be sure the information you have left behind for your essay will be of help to you to attain the needed mark.


Proof Read

Handing in the first copy of your essay will not be wise of you. It will simply mean your hard work of planning, research, and outlining will be gone to waste. The final step of all that hard work is proofreading your essay. 

Proofreading will be sure you hand in a document that has been well revised for the tiniest of errors. It is required of you to go through your essay making the necessary and required adjustments on the arrangement of words, spelling mistakes, checking on misuse of punctuation, and highlighting where needful improvement of your essay may be required. You ought to go through your essay just as you did when typing it taking notes of the needed corrections. Being humans, we are subject to mistakes; do not punch yourself for sentences that may not fit in your argument, have them replaced or eliminated if they do not make sense at all.

Add on personal touch to your essay by making the necessary improvement. Proofreading provides room for you to add a personal touch with the choice of words you may decide to replace. Proofreading will help you ensure the structure of your essay is flowing from the introduction to the conclusion of your essay. The flow of your essay ought to be flowing to allow the examiner to transition smoothly from the introduction to the body and finally the conclusion. It will help you in noting which point will need more expounding and noting the irrelevant information.  Going through your essay should not take a lot of your time; that is if you are great at typing. The advanced searches on Google allow you to take note of the needed corrections on Grammarly improving your sentence structure. Be sure your stated facts on your essay are correct and if need be, you could make your argument wordier to attain your word count. Do not allow the deadline to push you into submitting an essay that you have not gone through.



Essay writing should not have you shying away from the task. Having to write an essay fast should not be a reason for you to submit poor essays. The needed amount of planning, researching, and outlining will have you with the right essay for your class in record time. The careful planning of your time and deciding on how much time will be spent on planning, outlining, research, writing, and proofreading will do you more good for your essay.  The right amount of time invested in research on the topic will guide the amount of content you have to give in about the topic. Understanding the essay question will have you on the right path for your essay writing providing you with the needful information. Proofreading of your essay is crucial just as planning and outlining your essay. Set time aside for you to proof read your essay. The pointers above will be of great help for anyone in a rush to hand in their essay on time. Be sure to provide the citations for the information you have in your essay by clearly having it in your essay.