What Are The Six Types of Essays in 2022

At one point in life, one will have to understand what are the six types of essays in 2022. The great thing about essay writing is that some take it up professionally later in life, allowing them an opportunity to continue putting their thought on paper on different issues. The blog discusses all essay types in depth.

What Are The Six Types of Essays in 2022

Depending on the assignment given, you will learn different types of essay writing require a different approach from each other. In your academic life, you will come across different types of Essays that will require different approaches at all times, depending on the question at hand.

It will be great to understand what an essay is before getting to various types of essays. It simply describes a short piece of information whether fiction or nonfiction in writing on any topic. Essays are used to put out argumentative or supportive information in writing on a particular topic.

Essays are part of the academic life of students, with the essays being either formal or informal. There are several types of essays depending on what the examiner wants to obtain from the students. The types of essays are different in the kind of information offered, how much information is offered, and the way the particular essay is put down on paper.

This article gives you the six types of essays with the definition of each essay and what will be required of the writer.

Descriptive Essay

As the name suggests, this is an essay that will require you to describe a particular topic it could be an event, an emotion, a group of people, or an idea. When writing this kind of essay the main aim is to give a clear and detailed description of the occasion allowing the reader to access your thoughts through your paper.

Descriptive essays give room for the student to put down their thoughts or events experienced on paper to allow the examiner to imagine the topic.

The descriptive essay requires you to be simple and clear to allow your thoughts to flow with ease at all times. This particular kind of writing allows the learners to put down their artistic thoughts without limitation to paint a clear picture of the event or occurrence in the mind of the examiner. The examiner ought to be able to form an impression from your description.

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Expository Essay

An expository essay could be referred to as a definition essay which is the beginning of essay writing. An expository essay will require you to explain a particular topic which could be a concept or a group of people without you having to pick sides. It entails you giving out general information on the topic without being biased.

Expository essays most of the time seek to find an answer and are always short in length. The examiner requires the student to go out of their way to investigate why certain things happen and give a finding on the topic. The student will be required to be clear and precise in this kind of essay and avoid adding unnecessary information.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay has similarities to an expository essay as it requires the student to go out of their way to investigate the question at hand. Unlike the expository essay, the analytical essay goes a step further requiring you to list down the pros and cons of the topic for you to come up with the objective of your analysis.

In simple terms, an expository essay will describe how to use the internet in your research; on the other hand, an analytical essay will go a step further to list down the advantages and disadvantages of the internet on your research topic and also show on how to use the internet better.

An analytical essay allows you to delve deeper to understand different scientific studies and works of literature. They are the most common kind of essay in academic settings and you will notice them in journals, newspapers, or magazines. Analytical essays are to help the reader understand a topic in-depth intending to improve their writing skills.

Depending on the information given by the writer of the essay, one could make a suitable decision. Analytical essays come in handy in the political arena, culture, economics, and important subjects.

Persuasive Essay

This is an essay that will require the writer to have a decided stance on an issue. An argumentative essay is the same as a persuasive essay.

This kind of essay will have the writer get into a position to persuade the reader to be on his or her side of view. The writer has to convince the reader why he or she picks a particular side by providing supportive information on the topic.

A good persuasive essay will have parts that will guide you through the whole essay making it easy for the examiner to get hold of what the student is trying to persuade.

The persuasive essay in most instances falls into the academic category. It is an argumentative kind of writing that requires you to make use of logic to show why you are in support of your argument.

This kind of writing requires the writer to understand the topic in depth to convince why his or her point is of much reason. The persuasive essay prepares most students by allowing them to master skills that are required in the professional world.

Narrative Essay

An individual’s storytelling capability matched together with an academic background will offer a good narrative essay. In the narrative essay, the writer has the freedom to put in his or her personal experience concerning the academic question.

The personal experience may be, a life experience for the writer or a different individual life experience that the student is aware of. This kind of writing allows the student to delve into the creative style without any limitation on the language used in the essay.

Narrative essays come in handy in journalism as they write stories of individuals from a personal view. It requires a specific organization of the points to allow the essay to flow smoothly. When the examiner requires you to write a narrative essay, it is to test whether the students could write down a flowing story without the mix-up of the beginning and the end.

It is to ensure that the student is capable of writing a captivating story. The narrative essay when compared to other types of essay is very different as it requires you to make use of the first person with the use of suspense and figurative speech encouraged.

Compare and Contrast Essay

As the name of the essay suggests, you will need to compare two things by clearly stating their similarities and later on proceed to point out their differences.

When pointing out the differences you need to be clear on what you aim to show the examiner is different by mentioning why allowing you to build upon your essay body.

A comparative and contrast essay requires you to research widely to lay facts down for the examiner. The compare and contrast will need you to organize your essay in a more structured way to show where the comparison and the contrast come in.

The first paragraph in the essay seeks to show the similarity between the two subjects; this may be in appearance, location, and properties of the subject ensuring you capture most of the similarities of the subject. The second paragraph requires you to point out the difference in all aspects. This mainly contributes to the body part of the essay.

You proceed to give the final analysis of the two subjects without bias. A compare and contrast essay will give a good guide on the economic structure or the political arena; bringing out the good and the bad of each scenario. In most cases, this kind of essay will have you going the extra mile to research a particular subject and give a more clear definition of the occurrence.

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Essay writing is more of an art that when mastered well, will be of good use to you not only as a student but also in the professional field. It calls for a deeper understanding of what the examiner requires from the student and the student getting the job done as required.

The type of essay will guide you on what to offer to the examiner concerning the question asked as different types of essays require different approaches by the writer. Getting an understanding of the different types of essays will make it much easier for you to garner those marks by offering the right answers. Essay writing is one way of allowing people to interact with our thoughts from a distance.

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What do I need to avoid in Essay writing?

Giving out the best is what we seek as we write essays. There are terms or methods that we use that may be the cause of your essay not being the best in the pool. Below is a list of things you should avoid like a plague to have your essay at the top of the list.

Rhetorical questions; should be avoided at all costs when writing your essay. Rhetorical questions are inappropriate for academic writing as they leave room for misunderstanding. You ought to provide a clear statement for the examiner at all times.

The use of passive voice in essay writing is something that should be avoided at all times as it weakens the English of the writer. In most cases prefer going for the active voice which makes everything much clear.

Avoid the use of jargon in essay writing. Go for words that are understood by all walks of life to avoid confusion. Your essay will be much easy to read by anybody allowing the examiner to appreciate your choice of words.

Plagiarism is a pandemic to your essay writing. Avoid copying information from the web word for word for your essay assignment. Have a sense of originality when writing your essay, ensuring you make use of the right information and noting where you got the information.

Failing to plan the layout of your essay. At the start of your essay, you ought to plan what will be on your paper and how it will flow. It allows you to have a clear train of thought at all times as you write through your essay. Plan ahead!

How to start a paragraph with a topic sentence?

You need to understand the main reason for having a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph is to guide you on what to have in the paragraph. The paragraph builds upon the topic sentence and expounds on it widely. The topic sentence ought to be short precise, and direct to the point.

The topic sentence you pick ought to come at the beginning of the paragraph and use it as the opening statement of your paragraphs. The sentence you picked should offer you an easy time to build upon it.

It should serve as a guide to the reader on what to expect in that particular paragraph. The job of a topic sentence is to provide structure to your whole essay and not only the paragraphs.

What are the methods of Essay writing?

Having a good essay relies on the order of your thoughts. You have to know what goes first and what will come at the end. You will need a good layout of your essay in the first place, allowing you to arrange your line of thought at all times.

You need to understand that essay writing is an art and it takes time and practice to master an art. You need to understand what the examiner requires from you; the kind of essay you are to write, and what the essay entails.

There are several methods of essay writing which require different approaches by the writer. Below are methods of essay writing that you may have come across.

A narrative essay; picks up from the personal experience point, and requires the writer to write in the first persona. The examiner seeks to understand your line of thoughts and your skill to put them down on paper in an orderly manner.

Compare and contrast essay; you are provided with two subjects and tasked to know and point out the similarities between the two subjects. You are later on to bring out the difference between the subjects before coming up with a final analysis of the two.

Persuasive essay; the writer seeks to persuade the examiner of their point of view by gathering facts on the topic. You will be required to pick a side and support it with hard evidence in your essay making clear where you stand.

Descriptive essay; as the name suggests description. You ought to be good at describing an event or a group of people. The examiner expects to see what you experienced from your essay clearly without interruption of thoughts.

How do you start an Essay introduction?

The attention of the examiner should be your aim as you start your essay. Get a line that will make the examiner desire to read beyond the first two sentences of your essay. The third sentence should clearly state the aim of the essay, ensuring you cover the main bits of the essay.

The lifeline of your essay is entirely dependent on the introduction bit, and you have to be clear on what you put in the first paragraph that is relevant to your essay.

After mentioning the aim of your essay, proceed to mention the thesis of your essay indicating the aim of your essay. The thesis bit comes in the last sentences of the introduction bit making it clear and easy for the examiner to see it.

How many paragraphs should be in an Essay?

In relation to the information you need to put forward, the number of paragraphs should not limit your essay. The parts of the essay are what you ought to be concerned about the most. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion are the main parts of any essay.

The introduction bit of the essay should act as a hook to the whole Essay. It should give the examiner a reason to go through the entire Essay without getting bored. Failure to hook the examiner at the introduction point may have him drop your paper at the first sentence. In most instances, the introduction will get a paragraph in your essay which gives a brief description of the whole essay.

The body of your Essay seeks to interact with the examiner widely. Your essay is all in the body, and it brings out what you aimed to put out. The body of your Essay ought to have more than two paragraphs ensuring you capture and expound on the topic extensively. The number of paragraphs is not limited to two or three, or five.

The conclusion is the goodbye bit of your essay. This should be in one paragraph at all times and seeks to give a brief outline of the body. Your conclusion ought to be short, and precise at all times highlighting the whole Essay in brief.

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